Magic from conscious and subconscious

There is this relationship between our conscious creative mind and our impressed subconscious mind. I will do my best to help you create a picture of the relationship between, and impress an understanding for how they operate. Of course as simply as I can.

To hand out to you why a certain drawing, drawn by a holistic doctor back in 1934 if I am not mistaken, he got this curiosity of why people had many symptoms and why some occurred more than others, he was interested in healing arts. He got this idea that there had to be something that controlled us and something we might not be able to se. Sounds weird I know. I can’t give you the whole story as I am not familiar with it, though I can explain my point of view.

To put it simple then our conscious mind has these mental muscles, and those mental muscles can be trained to do marvelous things on the outside of us. Let me explain as I do when I would coach someone.

Our two sides of mind they are many times in harmony, though to change the subconscious, we will have to find out what controls it, therefore Dr. Thurman Fleet drew the stickperson with the conscious, subconscious and the body. So to change the subconscious side we have to activate or become aware and even better, train the muscles in the conscious mind that we do to name the muscles, and those are reason, imagination, will, perception, memory and intuition, only those six are required to change everything that goes on outside of us.

Now you many think, how is this possible and what to do and how to do it? I can say now that, do not worry about the how, because it will be shown once you understand these six muscles.

The six muscles mentioned, is to change when wanted and desired, the vibrations rate the body is in to have the body to move in a certain direction, and that would mostly be towards a goal wanted and to be executed.

Cake Boss and the idea

Do you know the show? If not, then you should watch the show. To give you an insight if you don’t know it then from Wikipedia, it’s a reality show, a show where we see the life of Carlo’s bakery and he is a so-called perfectionist. He is the kind of perfectionist that wants to achieve the best, and keep the rumor of the family owned bakery to what it is. I see the show, because I love cake as many other love cake, and I have a chef in the family, actually my mom’s little brother, he has a high-ranking title of something, I can’t remember exactly what.

When I re-started to watch Cake Boss again, I did it because I had some feedback on a show or film that I could cooperate in. I then see the inspiration from cake boss show to etc. make it run for 20 minutes or 40 minutes and depending if even a production company wants to buy the story, then I am entitled for the episode I write or of course the story of a film. Imagine what the earnings are, I mean look at what others have created that has boxed in, well I guess they are in luck, with other words, when preparedness meets opportunity.

It makes me evaluate and begin to read the screenwriter’s bible again, because there are some very important things in it, it is like my mentor’s bible, Think and Grow Rich. When looking at cake boss I do at the same time think or consider what roles to put in the show, or film. Well first off, I believe the story for me and my partner is to put that in place and from there, just work at our imagination and keep telling stories, I mean, look at The Big Bang Theory they’re going strong at season 8, so if the storylines are there, then there’s a big chance.

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