Reading (process)

Miss Adler’s class

To start off by writing a resumé of the book I study from Stella Adler about the Art of Acting, then it is a big portion of information to study, and from there just describe how she is in verbal communication, her voice, her way of being anxious to teach others in acting. I had first started to read the book and before that, I was very, very anxious to get the book in my hands, to have it in my possession for study purposes.

Just imagine someone is jumping around or checking the mailbox constantly every day, well not like every thirty minutes like the email, but close to it, just to make sure the book is coming, I was like that.

When I had commenced reading the book, I did like many others, began to read it, but I read it with the intention of understanding it just like the Think and Grow Rich and You squared.

I know actions and results comes from repetition and impressions, meaning we have to get involved in what we are doing, and that means we are taking action.

Okay so Mrs Adler has this I assume – pick one person among the audience, they are asked to perform a couple of times, if that does not work, she takes another to show how to show it.

Meaning that someone always will stand out among the crowd to show what it might look like in their perception.

The feedback from that means others will see what the leading part is, and I know, for certain that someone will always stand up and out.

So whoever stands out will be stronger with time, and will actually be the one who first helps the others.

The leading thing is something that will come.

Miss Adler’s way of teaching, if watched on her website and YouTube, is extraordinary, her expression says it all.

The near death

“Anticipation will rarely lead to disappointment –¬† – expectation will lead to the disappointment”.

This sounds like a heart-wrenching experience as I am talking about a near death thing here. No, what I am referring to is first of all a story told by my mentor from the program “Into Your Genius”. He explains it so the one who listens will get an image in their mind to work with, which is also the purpose of course. What purpose for me it has is that, I get to use my imagination, reason and perception, in other words, my intellect. The story is of a humming-bee that is so determined to fly through a window, but of course as you have witnessed yourself, it can’t, but it tries and tries all the time, until it gives up.

I am sort of amused by the story which comes from the book by Price Pritchett: You2 or You Squared. When I saw a video of one reading from the chapter, I got more into it to imagine what it would be like to actually read the book, I then ordered it with an advanced decision, and that advanced decision can be explained by, I had already made my decision to read and study the book. The story of the humming-bee is only the I-want-it feeling, a kind of decisive desperation. The book holds much value as it learned my mentor in the past to think in a direction besides reasoning and monitor the reasoning. We also have to direct the reason somewhere and exploit our potential to create from our intellect.

Before I will get the book home, which will make this blog-post older when you read it probably, I would have begun to study it and read it through a couple of times. The reason for that is when we read something again or repeated times, and discover something new, we don’t see by that something new in that book, no, we see something in ourselves that wasn’t there before, I heard that from Proctor Gallagher Institute, and they are right.

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