Absorption through digestion

Some biscuits I know the name of are called digestive, now these as I recall was the ones that made me think a bit more about words so to speak. I do often ask why a certain product is named a specific one that could be a carrot or digestive to mention the most obvious right now. Carrot comes from Carotene, also the Vitamin A, well that is my closets conviction, and digestive comes from our own digestive system where we put in our food for digestion and absorption. Then we have all sorts of foods, and to mention banana, that has something to do with our nervous system.

Then my curiosity for specifically our intestines is because I agreed to work in the healthcare business and that seem quite natural to me as I desire to help, and practice the responsibility for carrying others health with me. The way our intestines work is like an entrance for nutrition, and to also mention a disposal tract, our small intestines work on absorption of minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats and perhaps other stuff, herbs etc. The small intestines are divided into three parts, which gives access to our bloodstream, our large intestines also have that, though the difference is, the large intestines is to me more regarded as disposal, and the small three ones is regarded as the absorption part.

To make a little debate about especially our systems in the body I want to direct the attention to the intestines part, that is if you have any questions about them, then I might be able to answer. And the next thing as I have mentioned, I want to read in the comments, do you see the intestines the same way as I do? Do you see them any other way? How important do you believe they are? And if yours were out of function, what do you think would happen?

Attraction reloaded

When I hear someone speak of what they have and that they are unhappy about, I get few pictures in mind. The first one is that they are a bit too acidic in PH level, then there is the stress, or tiredness, and the last one, they are not aware of what attraction is besides what they have learned in school about things fall to the ground. I feel provoked or motivated to say your desire for change has to be there for you to change beliefs, and that is maybe not enough. The desire is required to be there or seen through belief, question of belief.

Now that I may have entered your curiosity about what really is to change, or for that matter, the hope is there for change to the better. To re-establish the new attraction, we have to get real on putting questions down, and that is not questions for others, it should be questions for the inner discovery to load again change of feelings. This is a simple and fun thing, though there are many processes that goes into the change to become aware of the attraction.

I often get questions on how to start, I then express as I can, try not to ask for the how, because it is anxiety provoking, ask for the “what” and search for the why or have it as a purpose. When you enter a shop, then the cashier or the people behind the desk often comes forward and asks you of kindness; what can I help you with? Or what do you wish? And then you express what you want, and never or second do you say what you want and how you want it, because you are convinced that you get a service. So what do you see in this Law of Attraction if you should re-establish it to be conscious aware?

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