Neville and I and Father

“It is like christmas – https://tinyurl.com/phbbre5 – discovery of the father in the son”.

His article or writing puts a brand new view of beliefs in me. I can thank him for that, though his physical being is not here, his soul might still fly around. Well, I can point out that everyone have their own beliefs. So what turned me on or motivated me to write this was the “Seek The Kingdom” writing. He refers to the Father and the I, are the same. Though I am certainly not a Christian or religious that way, and I know by that because when I take trips of walking and hear the sound of bells from churches, I get a little annoyed because no one actually knows why churches are designed the way they are. I have a friend who knows a lot about it.

I amness is a special title so to speak, I see it as something I point at and saying, I am, but what am I, are we speaking spiritually or what exactly do the I refer to? In my view my I is me, it is my selfdiscovery of I am something, it is the value I have not yet found but it is something I discover, okay it sounds a bit religious, but I can say that the I Am is what I look at is far different from your understanding, or I would say the interpretation of the I. I is me, it is like I look at me from a second view. In our world some would see it as a disturbing factor because it refers to something called what Neville says, the father.

The father as he describes is the God or as the same person or view as the I Am. The Father and the I Amness is the same according to him, I believe I know why he mention the Father that way, is because of the discovery of who or what we really are. The more we seek the Father the more we shall become him, or Mother as her, I believe Neville refers to the Father because we have belief in him from Christianity etc.

A lifespan

People can with no difficulty become a hundred years old, I believe that is no secret as we advance in technology, I mean by all of this we have around of food and drinks, then it wouldn’t be any difficult to live longer. I have been online for the myheritage website, where it is possible to see when people lived. I noticed that some people actually lived to be 90 years or more, and we are talking about 1000 years after Christ and before that etc. so I don’t see why these days it is so hard to live that long, then have the perception of going strong to the 100.

My interest for having a great health is enormous. It is a hobby or close to an obsession of mine, I do see no challenge, besides some may not have the right tools at hand, but we can easily live to a 100 years, take etc. the guy who built the Venus project, he is turning 99 in 2015, and I bet he still going strong. The life of man enlightens a certain desire in me, it is as my mentor described it by a lifepurpose. We discover it since we can put our energy to it night and day, and we can talk about it like a magnificent obsession.

My purpose in this category is to take that responsibility and fall in love with it, sort of like that. I see a purpose as something we all actually have, but one might be more aware of it than other people. When I go through the theory of how our body works optimized, I look at organ level and go down a level to a cellular level, I still go in some studies since organs are different with each purpose, though they work with own purpose. All cells need something to thrive, so organs must be in various frequencies to have another shape, that’s a different story. When it comes down to it, I am convinced it is about us obtaining a clean body, to give it exactly what it needs, then we can go over 100 years.

Annoying to shop

The experience when someone follows along when shopping etc. is according to many or could be annoying and some might say; we are being followed, the point of it is when I go shop with other people for something to eat, I can really be this biological, and technical person who watch everything on the declaration to see what is good and what is bad. It is not to be perceived as I am all that genius when shopping, but I love to improve my health and help others reach the same, as they of course want. Some family members can see me as a pain in the ass, because I tell what I want and why I search for it.

The purpose is I want to become so aware of things that I will be able to decide for myself foremost, and for the ones I am with what to choose and why. If on one list for something is not supposed to be there or it is an addition to something that leads to any disease, I will inform people, so if they look at me like they are in a depression state of mind, they will often say, well death has it’s cause, and from that it made me aware of a certain thing, that we are either in a creative path of mind or in a disintegrative path of mind.

Of course there are always things that can annoy me and especially in the system or when people decline my info. I have had some situations when I almost got a little too annoyed on people because they didn’t accept my explanation, yet right after I have evaluated myself of the situation and by that feedback, is like the cancer-feedback I have given me, then I am limiting my output and people are more often open and listening.

Creating groups of influence

The Thursday call I am attending goes on for three consecutive months, and it is a call that is very motivating and sets new mental goals for us attendees. I can’t expose what actually goes on in the calls, besides there is masterminding on all levels. From the first calls I was in, from the creator’s side it is the second call or I am really one behind. I have these ideas of motivation to create something, and in Herbalife few people who like to have a certain volume of sales, you have probably heard that before, and some like to earn a specific amount of money. Where my idea comes in, is these 10.000 points as we have on BlogJob.

I know that the host is also doing some 10.000 points and are coaching others to do the same, but why does she do it and keeping in control, and why do I love the idea? I will tell you. Ten thousand, according to one with a not big perception is a huge amount, it’s like an ocean is to a lake, and ten thousand is a great number to me. The number means two things in my opinion, one is the blogjob, which is later converted in my case, and in Herbalife it means, there are approximately 100.000 Danish crowns or 15.000 dollars more or less.

The one idea I had been to first open a group like everyone else, to personally coach people to reach the 10.000, because if I can, they can, and if the host can do it, then I can do it, and so we continue in generations so to speak. I know ideas are always in some plane of development and I actually hope it becomes real, because it will produce those beautiful ten thousand each month or close to it, I want to hit above the target. Also google plus should get an update from me on that behalf, and I am in the makes of one.

New addition as desired

“To get desires processed – https://tinyurl.com/q7murhr – we need a mastermind”.

I am in a members only group with my colleagues from Herbalife, a lot of masterminding or opinion-sharing I might add. At one point earlier in January 2015, a President’s Team member, which is a high level in Herbalife, uploaded a picture of a new product, which totally turned me on, a new fiber-product. I then within few minutes decided to expose the importance of fibers compared to proteins, as I see a lot of people post and talk about their view of protein, then I from that point, desire to help change people’s view, I decided to do something about my great knowledge of health.

I adopted the idea of the fiberproduct being the kind of like the completion of our Formula 1 shake as it consumed by maybe 100 million and more people every day, and if all these people have two or three shakes per day, then we’re topping consumption with above 300 million shakes per day maybe. In real life that is not much, and I can’t give you the exact number. But this Apple-fiber consists of 6 different fibers from various plants and one plant I didn’t knew was added and it almost didn’t surprise me. The 6 is: apple, wheat, corn, lemon, Christmas-salat and soy, all of these a bit new to me therefore I am studying them, but I am still sure what has been in the process to the Apple-fiber product.

The future of it seems bright, and I am pretty judgmental when I say that because it has just launched February 2015, I can see more additions coming. I know that the scientific advisory board are always evaluating formulas, with the purpose of making things better in any way. So when I saw that they included fibers from six different plants I was actually overwhelmed, and ready to go for it, and I started to share the product with few people, though I desire everyone should be adding it to their food and drink.

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