Psychoactive drug

Story from pharmacy

I have several friends who knows to the pharmaceutical industry, when we have spoken and speak we often go into some negative stuff. I then associate with my mom’s situation, not something I do speak loud about often, but I do it on occasion, I then get tested a bit that makes me a bit emotional. That specific story goes way back to when I was under education as radio tv technician, that was my first experience when my curiosity was turned on, unaware of such things as psychotropic drugs. My mom which this is about, had been told that she had to move elsewhere, this sounds dramatic but ends okay and continues.

About 10 years after I had clearly realized that where my mom was, was completely wrong and false, she had been lied to in many years. Okay this might go a bit further, but I sort of have to let this go and inform others, what had happened was that my curiosity of questioning became sharper because I put this question for my mom’s person in contact; ain’t there any other ways to make her better. The answer was a cold “no”. I could not really believe it was the truth because, of course who doesn’t want their parents to have a healthy life, after all they are the one who educates us to be parents once we create a new generation right.

Unaware that I was going to become so knowledgeable about actual nutrients I accepted my mom would move this far away. I then began to study various parts of nutrition after 2007 still unaware what chemicals actually are doing, I began to look into nutrition as I joined Herbalife, then later on I made research on what the difference was on nutrients and chemicals. I then came to a conclusion that I had to enlighten my mom about this and that is the current project.


Bob and his Anxiety

I liked when Bob Proctor expressed in a call that he wants to meet anxiety every day. I was actually stunned to hear him say it. At first I was thinking, why would he do that and, right after I started to ask myself; what can I do to meet anxiety every day as millions get psychotropic drugs. I want to be a mentor for people as Bob is, I actually want to outgrow him in any way possible, and that means I have to get to that point where I become a goal-seeker, and also to that point where I do not worry what other people are worrying about.

I often get Bob Proctor in my mind as I like his attitude when we are in a call, whether it be the six minutes to success or his streaming club which I am not in right now, but will return soon. Now that we know he wants to meet his anxiety and I know why, because he knows it changes his vibration which is feelings, and it also sets up a habit to change a lot and makes it easy, and sort of comfortable. I could see where this would go as I study him and his programs a lot.

I guess he would gladly repeat in a call or in a chat, that he would do almost anything to meet an anxiety to show people what he means instead of always talk about it. I don’t know what he would do, but after all he is seeking the border every day, therefore he must be in a some kind of habit of wanting to change. So finishing up I would add as an advice when you meet Bob in a call, he is very intuitious if there is a word like that, I assume not but now I have invented it.

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