Personal development

The process

I have not always wondered but asked myself sometimes, in the courses of personal development, the how in the process of growth what is its role, and why do so many fail when it comes to the how in the process? The how is the action part as far as I have been studied myself into. If I would ask myself how I would do things, then I begin to think of the action parts I have to take, then deep inside as my intuition comes before thinking, then something tells me or asks me; what should I do? Because one thing is how we do things, the important thing is what we want to do.

The what, is then the first and an actuality because we might have an assumption of how we can do a thing, though we always, and I repeat always should know what to do. I can define the what for an eternity because there is always a new way of things to do. What is more important in my eyes is what we are going to do, because it sort of lay the foundation of what is to come, we should be thinking of what or of course the assignment of job to be done.

So after we have defined what “the how” is, and “the what” is, I would be curious to know why we should do the thing we have to do. The “why” is the purpose oriented or direction, the why is what gets us in action actually. The why is the purpose, and to sum it up, then the what is sort of the blueprint, and the how is the instruction just like when an actor reads a script, then he is directed by a person to know how to do things, and what to do mostly, and the why is the purpose.

Fun rearrange

I like systems and when I walk around in etc. my friend’s shop and other shops, then I notice sometimes what a mess people can leave behind, I then look at my own mess and ask myself, without people hearing it, Henning why have you made this mess? I answer myself this way; remember “order is heaven’s first law” that means if there is a mess, no matter where, then it is possible to figure out the order, or even bringing things into a better order, because order is the great secret of progress. Now this goes into personal development as I love such things, because many people are in a mess, sometimes myself included.

The thing that I do to bring things into order, is I think the big picture of what goes to where, and then in the details, which things fits into the smaller picture. I can come up with several things to get things into order, but to myself that is even confusing so I will just keep it as simple as possible, that’s what I always say. It is like a return thing to me when a mess or someone’s system is set up, even if they are about to lose control over themselves then I often express; listen this is what you can do, and then I explain short what idea they can execute etc.

I myself love the rearrange because it stimulates new ideas from our brain, the conscious thinking mind, now that part I am good at, because it’s like 97% or 98% of all people don’t activate that side of their mind. So I see a quickie thing for me, to get the overview of things and then to feed my ego so to speak, the power that one holds. To be honest my intention is not to feed my ego, but to actually a bit unaware to coach people in realizing they can figure out things themselves, they just need to stress less.

As written; order is heaven’s first law – – we get there to go from chaos.

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