“We always come to that point – https://tinyurl.com/pc5mowe¬†– where we had enough of it”.

I have to sort of come clean with I have knowledge of our body, and see it as art or as a complete society of small houses, yes very, very small houses. Why I see it as small houses or it was actually taught to me to see all of our cells as small houses, is because in every cell there is DNA etc., and various proteins or they are produced via amino acids – I know our cells produce the needed protein, but also sometimes have to get the essential amino acids, and now I am already speaking to deep.

Let me rephrase that. When knowledge is collected I get a better view of how we function and what we actually need to get our body working and moving.

So on Facebook as one billion people are using, some might have more than one profile, I then have few or many on my list, not friends as stated, but they are not ready for knowledge to get to them.

Why are people not ready for the knowledge? That I am very puzzled about, because many people should possess the curious gene or some thirst for questioning about the info that comes their way, yet still I ask myself, why don’t people set up the wonderful searches for information and begin to become inductive, which by the way means; before entering our current belief system, we stop information and ask, is this good or bad, or what can I use it for? Does this information serve me?

The final chapter to add to it, then people are ready when they have had enough of something, then they are ready to make a new step or quantum leap – I have the book “You Squared”, which is about discovering our inner limits, decrease the worries we have between our ears or in our mind. When we have come to that point where we believe we have become immune to more information from one source, then we desire that new step, and that makes us ready.

But many people are not even aware of that.