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Cake Boss and the idea

Do you know the show? If not, then you should watch the show. To give you an insight if you don’t know it then from Wikipedia, it’s a reality show, a show where we see the life of Carlo’s bakery and he is a so-called perfectionist. He is the kind of perfectionist that wants to achieve the best, and keep the rumor of the family owned bakery to what it is. I see the show, because I love cake as many other love cake, and I have a chef in the family, actually my mom’s little brother, he has a high-ranking title of something, I can’t remember exactly what.

When I re-started to watch Cake Boss again, I did it because I had some feedback on a show or film that I could cooperate in. I then see the inspiration from cake boss show to etc. make it run for 20 minutes or 40 minutes and depending if even a production company wants to buy the story, then I am entitled for the episode I write or of course the story of a film. Imagine what the earnings are, I mean look at what others have created that has boxed in, well I guess they are in luck, with other words, when preparedness meets opportunity.

It makes me evaluate and begin to read the screenwriter’s bible again, because there are some very important things in it, it is like my mentor’s bible, Think and Grow Rich. When looking at cake boss I do at the same time think or consider what roles to put in the show, or film. Well first off, I believe the story for me and my partner is to put that in place and from there, just work at our imagination and keep telling stories, I mean, look at The Big Bang Theory they’re going strong at season 8, so if the storylines are there, then there’s a big chance.

Story from pharmacy

I have several friends who knows to the pharmaceutical industry, when we have spoken and speak we often go into some negative stuff. I then associate with my mom’s situation, not something I do speak loud about often, but I do it on occasion, I then get tested a bit that makes me a bit emotional. That specific story goes way back to when I was under education as radio tv technician, that was my first experience when my curiosity was turned on, unaware of such things as psychotropic drugs. My mom which this is about, had been told that she had to move elsewhere, this sounds dramatic but ends okay and continues.

About 10 years after I had clearly realized that where my mom was, was completely wrong and false, she had been lied to in many years. Okay this might go a bit further, but I sort of have to let this go and inform others, what had happened was that my curiosity of questioning became sharper because I put this question for my mom’s person in contact; ain’t there any other ways to make her better. The answer was a cold “no”. I could not really believe it was the truth because, of course who doesn’t want their parents to have a healthy life, after all they are the one who educates us to be parents once we create a new generation right.

Unaware that I was going to become so knowledgeable about actual nutrients I accepted my mom would move this far away. I then began to study various parts of nutrition after 2007 still unaware what chemicals actually are doing, I began to look into nutrition as I joined Herbalife, then later on I made research on what the difference was on nutrients and chemicals. I then came to a conclusion that I had to enlighten my mom about this and that is the current project.


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