Here I am again, and this time I am doing small experiments in my friend’s shop, well, it’s actually the storage I do it with, I am making this blueprint for storage count, which he probably already have. Current I believe he already has it, but I love to create things on my own and keep the control in the storage. I have used simple tools as Microsoft excel and I will continue to use them, because it’s a program I know, and I am also in the process of learning excel as I also use word every day, I also use Powerpoint so to speak.

The storage system is built by shows in sizes and centimeters and there is so much that I first had to redesign it because it was a mess, then after I have sort a got the whole thing into system, then my next job is to store the whole thing in my memory, so when someone asks where is what, then I can say with precision. It is my way of having control and a sort a power. The way I have commenced the modifying is by making this excel and I did it in an opposite way as I did once learn, not because I wanted to, but because I barely remembered how I did it back then.

I was on the way home when I was repeating this modifying thing, I then associated and got the idea of an application, and then the associations came up. The application I was thinking about, was to help people get things into order, like their own storage of clothes etc. or their storage on their work, that is if they have shipments every day like some marketing etc. I will think about the application as I all the time think of ways to improve things and create new ones.


The system that is present in many countries, and regions, well I don’t believe that every country of the 220 there are, is the same as Denmark, so I say both regions and countries. When applying for some help from the system we as citizen needs to be approved to get some help, oddly enough, we need not to have abundance or unlimited resources but just enough to go by, and if it is shown in the system we can get more than, just enough, then the assistance or help is cut off. I do understand that things can be limited, though I am convinced to get where we are, we will need to take from an abundant source.

What do I mean by communism? Communism I was told at first was just a system, I asked few times but apparently didn’t listen to what was said, then I asked my new friend from our work, what exactly communism is, then she put it my way, since I was talking about all the control and being a victim, and our society is under surveillance that almost everyone here is under the system as communism, and at that point it all made sense. Today then I phoned with my friend since he pays me small deeds to help him, he expressed as he supports this system, that I had a right to demand some paycheck to survive.

Our conversation went on for a bit, to how and why taxes and paychecks are handled, and since he is a supporter of it, I take it then he is caught in poverty or limitation, because I know our feelings are like magnets, so what we put out of emotions, we then draws to us. This is described in the documentary The Secret. I am not a supporter of communism as that, because the role of money is like this: what service we deliver is in direct proportion to what we earn.

Bills have a meaning

I know this sounds funny but, I was out walking in fresh air as I do when I get ideas both writing and selling. Then I began to think about bills, and when we talk in the phone etc. if we in the phone-company’s database create an amount of any size, we will get the bill, when we then get the bill, we have to pay for it as there has been a service rendered, so when we pay for that, our amount turns zero again, just as if we are out to eat at a restaurant, we order food and we pay for it, we should turn that around and see it as we build a sort of debt to a business that’s why we owe them at the end.

I came across on the network LinkedIn, an article written by Loral Langemeier. She redefines how we receive money and that if we are aware of we sometimes give money first before we have the product, and in some occasions, then after we have got the service we pay, don’t you see it’s a bit odd, I mean, this is about our relationship with money. I have in my past as many others, not have a great relationship with money, it was lack and limitation. I won’t go into details now but we had a certain amount.

What now is the idea of turning things around to play with perception of the Zeitgeist films, is the idea of debt. I remember when I saw the movies at first I didn’t understand them, but now as I think in terms of building a deb or reverse service as to use a company service, it builds up that I now know the meaning of money and that it is purely debt, so no matter where we receive service, we build the debt and pay to get it to zero amount again.

The discount earned

“We all look for discount – – but in the end all money are used”.

You might think, I am ready to sell or something, well that’s true, we all sell, and if we didn’t do it, we would go backwards, meant the way that we would not progress as we are created for. We all sell, even when we look in the mirror and tell ourselves some affirmation that we look good or, damn you look like something the cat have dragged in, well, let’s let it stay there. Mostly we are hunting for discount anywhere possible but is it healthy or not, I’d say, we should do the opposite because, we all need to survive but not on discount.

I was originally thinking of Herbalife when I started this blog because, when a new distributor get’s introduced and educated about the business they are flatlined and of course see what I saw back then, it was the 25% discount on all products, and that is until someone quits the business of course. The actual discount on Herbalife is 50% that is when every product is sent out. When I am thinking of all kinds of discounts I begin to think of poverty, I think of not enough, I think of greed, and worst case, I feel lower, it is actually negative emotions. The way I am going out of this negative emotions is to study selling, and do some scary things as Mark Hughes told Geri Cvitanovich back in the beginning 80’s.

We all want discount but the word is misconceived, what it means is products are not count in the sales, which means per definition that they are free, but if a shop or any marketing would have a certain discount, then they would give away products, and there would be no earnings. I agree that to reach most people the discount had to be placed in order to give out a hand so that the ones who can, will do. So what I mean also by Herbalife, the positive thing, when everyone starts at 25%, that I personally want to educate people to reach the higher points or sales as they desires want.

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