In between two

“To make decisions – https://tinyurl.com/pc5mowe – is hardly what anyone learns, they need education”.

This has been a challenge for me on various occasions as I seem to have a hard time in choosing between two things, mostly because I want both, or I have a hidden or suppressed idea of having control over things or greed. Yes it might seem weird because I believe it is. The best thing I then take from my education at the Proctor Gallagher Institute is I have all resources of making decisions, though I see it not as a problem by that, I see it as I see options in both parties or directions. I hope you understand me otherwise you will have to comment on this one.

First thing first, when taking a look at the options in both, I see it as things I search for in one of the two, and to be honest and you might have heard about choosing between two women with almost equal qualities, yes, for me it can and have been rough, I guess many men etc can relate. This could be perceived as a help-blog or whatever we can call it. I see it as I can guide myself to actually making a decision whether it will be the one or the other. So when I go for the options and cons, I will see things in a new perspective.

The reason I do this thing to aim for pros and cons is something I had from a friend in 1999, yes, that is awhile ago, and at this point I find it very helpful, and if there actually is someone in the same group as me who can’t decide but in the moment. To mention the current moment of a decision is of course becoming emotionally involved in the one, and since the other could be somewhere else could be an advantage, and since I know ideas entertained in our conscious mind will eventually take place as habitual ideas in our subconscious. Maybe it is the conscious control of the ideas that scares the hell out of me since I want both, but will have to decide at one point and the decision will be made no matter what.

The liftoff trinity 3 experience

“Every system needs updates and upgrades, new systems will rise and others will go obsolete”.

Coming out of my sleep or mental journey as a status of why I chose to sit here has ended with a question, the liftoff is coming closer, so I begin to elevate my anxiety for how it might turn out.Ibecome a bit stressed. The mind takes a wander again as I am not used to this, but so are many others around me, they also are not used to this. This is an encore event. The experience of launching a rocket like this is phenomenal as I haven’t told anyone what or who is in there to be sent out.

It could be me, as I will take a quick tour in the cockpit, having this instant communication and await for green light to liftoff. The experience from inside the cockpit is kind a claustrophobia, not because I have that but I would imagine sitting in there and it is like a one shot you have, only one opportunity. Everything should be and are in order, the vision is to enter our vacuum of space, with a lot of goals onwards it. You know it can be sensed if you have that strong imagination, it becomes very easy to create pictures out of nothing and see them from various angles, that is how it is done my way, your way will be shown.

Taking the mind back to the communication between the control-center and our rocket for launch, then it takes a bit of an imaginary experience to convert images to the feelings but I know it is possible.The way I do it is to explain myself as many details as possible, so it becomes more real, and then just keep repeating the image so it becomes attached, that is a little secret to make things real from imagination. My question is then if we can place such a story in our memory, then how many stories can we store?

Last place to let go

“Everthing has a beginning – https://tinyurl.com/pc5mowe – as everything has an end”.

We know it if we stop and give it a thought to why we are becoming emotionally attached to something or someone. Many people including myself do feel comfortable with things of course, and when we stick to things, then it is generally harder to let go. Our mind has the greatest role in this perspective. Why is it that we have a hard time letting go, I mean some people are great in letting go while others can be a little more decisive and some last part really are struggling to keep things close to themselves and not want to let go.

The mutual thing is our mind, and to speak more precisely it is our subconscious mind. All what we learn is stored there for both to serve and to protect us, and even to keep evolving as in progress, you see everything is moving and nothing is resting, as both Earl Nightingale has said and my mentor, I think he got it from Earl and others, Bob he states that, we live in an ocean of motion, and when we come to the great understanding of that principle, then we will start to let go of what is holding us back in order for us to become successful.

I even remember Arnold Schwarzenegger say, the last one to give up is the mind, and he is right, I have even tried to play with the mind to meet him and I was very very close, I recorded it on my phone that day. There is really a lot to share on the mind but as always sometimes simple to explain, other times, very difficult and the solution for that as Bob Proctor mentions in his coaching-calls; we have understood a certain thing when we can get another one to understand what we have said about that thing.

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