Look at all those dots as they become smaller and smaller, this is my mental liftoff. It is very exciting and liberating. This is what my desire for the freedom feels like, or the stage to it. Everything is free. The continuing of seeing things below me become more small-sized and viewing the fields, houses as they turn small, how extraordinary this is. Going the other way, as I experience the area around while rising. The mental stretch. I have never gone this far and detailed. Slowly turns as the slow wind and the warmth from the sun keeps passing through me, as it has all the freedom to do.

Making spins to the left as I want to go in the direction of our planet, though it is not to start a tornado though it is a tempting thing as I rise up and want to have this sort of mental break and storm to clear out all worries. The spins is fun as I begin to go forward the total north so I can turn with alignment of the planet. The travel and speed uprising, to get to the north from wherever I am. Below is the wind speed rushing and yes I am flying from where I were to where I want to be, this is strengthening my imagination and it’s quite cool.

Should I go further and change perspective, no I will continue to enjoy this journey and observe the beautiful view, I shift between light and dark because I can’t really choose, so I will go from dark to light and rise with the border of sunset so I will toward the sun with double speed. Looking up and down, enjoying this wind and freedom with the anxiety of what can happen in this free space of only air around me with no feet on the ground.

“See things as art, you will treat it as art – https://tinyurl.com/kmb6juq – no less”.