Mental health

Anxiety and psychiatry

I came to wonder why so many people if and when I asked, do you know what anxiety is?

Most people would be saying or express, lift their eyebrows and say, yes, but inside themselves will say in anger – I live with it, do you have a problem?

Imagine this like a scene in a movie, when you are watching drama, you are observing a conversation from the outside and looking in at a person who says they have or live with anxiety, the person with the anxiety does not necessarily see the opportunity to say or have the discovered the power of getting help or being led to the top of the hill where the air and light is beautiful.

They are in the valley of death.

Going from downhill and believing that psychiatry would actually do better, then I can see in which way they can help, though the minus would be the medication, the poison they have to feed people in order to get them out of a situation.

To get people out from anxiety and avoiding the psychiatric world is almost an art, because it is like propaganda, they hold the will on getting better and with a slogan, keep your anxiety low, by using this and that, and including sweetness, because it there is no sugar in something consumed, then clients and consumers of medication will decline.

Anxiety is not a mental illness as we all hear it is, anxiety depending on level I might add before saying anything wrong, is a sign of development, though some people do live with it.

I do understand their world, that in time they have adopted the very tight life of not being social or chosen by natural causes not to be around people that makes noise or problems for that matter, to me, that is fair, but to get anxiety that close, that is something that needs guidance to go away from, but are we able to help do you think?

The process

I have not always wondered but asked myself sometimes, in the courses of personal development, the how in the process of growth what is its role, and why do so many fail when it comes to the how in the process? The how is the action part as far as I have been studied myself into. If I would ask myself how I would do things, then I begin to think of the action parts I have to take, then deep inside as my intuition comes before thinking, then something tells me or asks me; what should I do? Because one thing is how we do things, the important thing is what we want to do.

The what, is then the first and an actuality because we might have an assumption of how we can do a thing, though we always, and I repeat always should know what to do. I can define the what for an eternity because there is always a new way of things to do. What is more important in my eyes is what we are going to do, because it sort of lay the foundation of what is to come, we should be thinking of what or of course the assignment of job to be done.

So after we have defined what “the how” is, and “the what” is, I would be curious to know why we should do the thing we have to do. The “why” is the purpose oriented or direction, the why is what gets us in action actually. The why is the purpose, and to sum it up, then the what is sort of the blueprint, and the how is the instruction just like when an actor reads a script, then he is directed by a person to know how to do things, and what to do mostly, and the why is the purpose.

The fake of image

“An image is placed –¬† – and can always be changed”.

This is sort of coaching session, though I have gotten a new kind of program, but is looked at as an interview with tips on coaching between Mary Morrissey and Bob Proctor. An image is something we express of ourselves, we see us the way we have been told we were, and to go the mainstream way then close to hundred percent of population have been raised to live via our senses and not our intellect. Those people are close to be as simple as animals but with a self-awareness of small degree. Present day we almost only live through our senses and if we are presented to an idea of the unknown, then a big chance is that we will reject it.

Taking the curious step to get coaching and to choose a mentor is a huge process as I remember when I took the step, I did it with great anxiety but my intuition chose the mentor, and it began to feel good after some time, and me being unaware what really were coming. When I enter a conversation with people I quickly get an image of how people see themselves, because their image is expressed through their mind and their mind is the activity of the body, therefore I can in many cases tell them and few cases show them, what to exactly to do to improve their circumstances, and why is it that I in some cases can’t and can? It is because I haven’t taken an hour to kind of prepare what to say to them, and then I also have to prepare myself to give them advice.

The acting part is the essential part but also the most difficult part. It is the part where anxiety of all is met and we all meet this vibration, and that is because the current self-image is impregnated with an old impression, so the new image being held by imagination and will, will at some point be entertained so much that it interferes with the old image, and that change causes new vibration, that vibration is called new feeling, and that new feeling is the anxiety, because we get out of the comfort zone.

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