An herbal collection

I have been a member of Herbalife since spring 2007, and that long ago I did not realize etc what herbs can do, the health of our body would affect us long-term. I did not have those ideas whatsoever. Today I look at some of my favorite drinks from Herbalife, among those are the Aloe Vera and the LiftOff drinks, they are mobile and live up to the concept of a collection of herbs that has a minimum dose of vitamins and minerals. They have a specific collection to last as long as they can do the natural way, and at the same time, the freshness is kept

When I then forward to have these collection of herbs approved, since not every country in the world has our products, and few who has a collection, then via the system’s health-organisation, then the approval via system actually limits what can go into the products, even though it is very healthy and has great benefits, then this health-organisation of specific company has some sort of technical list they go through and makes this check if a product contains a certain amount of calcium, caffeine, vitamin b1, just to name a few. The collection that Herbalife uses is from a KB or a knowledge base that provide us with the best.

My fear or concern is then, why does many other companies have other various amounts of something that etc. Herbalife also has but are not on the approval list, or approved for a certain product? My question is if one can then why shouldn’t another also have it, it should go both ways, you know. Would you not agree that though a certain herbal collection of etc. my favorite drinks should be allowed to consume? I mean what are your opinion of some companies can have the same thing approved though another can’t?

Making an order

“The explanation of health – – goes through nutrition”.

I work with Herbalife and that is no secret, I am an Herbalife member so to speak. Before I got real started to earn some points or sales with Herbalife as they call it, I had the most difficult time with asking for orders. it means I was not very proud to expose I were in network marketing as almost anyone I came across saw Herbalife as some illegal thing going on, it appeared much different as time has gone by. I can now that I have used the products for 8 years and will continue to do that for years to come.

A little while after I got started, as every marketing starts new ones, are trying to make it big and almost drown themselves in leads, and new customers. I did that as well, though one thing I had overlooked is, that when starting one or helping another one beginning a new lifestyle, the first thing to actually be done is to establish a relationship built on trust, but that didn’t happen here, no it was a sale, and I do believe the customer could hear that, so they quickly declined. after those few experiences I kind of evaluated the things we had to say and I did few practices on how to act, but it didn’t work though I tested on few new customers. It scared me yes.

I did then commence the study of our body, and the processes to get into why Herbalife’s nutrition should be the first and foremost, I have then come to conviction that Herbalife is not about selling, it’s about helping others get better, and direct them on a sort of path, and I have done that now, so in these times when I hear of someone having some health issues, I say with confident voice, I can help and I will. Now an order is placed and it is actually one of my friends and what he doesn’t know yet is that I have experiences from another site which I will of course tell him when we meet up again.

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