Leaving McD

“Someone creates an empire and controls food – – some restaurants should be banned”.

Walking down the road, the way to home, the regular time, I pass by firms and companies and some public transport, I noticed after I walk by the stop where our busses set people off and welcomes them, so to speak of a welcome, it’s a rare sight that a bus-driver really is happy, and I do somehow understand him, because I have this view of how many times they can face a threat, or some angry customer etc. and by the way, most of the public transport have a wireless modem installed, so passengers including the bus-driver will get radiation.

The boys was not aware of what they were eating, as I pulled them over in my mind, after I went by the bus stop, and were headed over the pedestrian crossing, the picture of me and the two boys I was playing with, had the design of me given them a nutrition speech and telling them why McDonald’s are so big, how they design food to make it smell good and taste so good. Well I did not freely go to the boys and give them that speech, because they first of all would make the conversation a ridicule, so consequently I chose not to give them attention.

I cross this McDonald every day, as it is on my route to my friend’s shop, therefore it is a bit difficult to avoid the fast food restaurant. Looking at the thing from above sets it in a new perspective to maybe talk to people who leaves the fast food joint. Though I accept it irritates me, then it helps me build it up so I can give the right speech or when entering a conversation, I can see it as a third-person view. That is also what I did when I went cross those boys who were stuffing themselves with the food from the fast food joint.

Walking pass

On the way to my friend’s danceshop, I almost can’t avoid walking pass a McDonald’s, if I would avoid it I would take a huge shortcut, just to avoid it. I have walked by it so often now that I begin to talk a bit what tiny value they have, I want to mention a specific offer they have that I have seen, I don’t know if it all around, but in the specific one, they have a breakfast between 7am and 10am because that’s ideal time for most people to eat breakfast, later than that, it would be lunch or brunch.

The description of it as I see on the very big commercial, is a big bun as it has been open to show what’s in the bun, then there is a very well-designed piece of ham, and a very well-designed piece of cheese. I am then starting to think about the ham, how is it produced and then the animal that has sacrificed it’s life or the truth is, that it went through mistreatment and slaughter, just to look good for you. Then we go to the cheese, I am convinced since there is absolutely no nutrition in McDonald’s, not even in their salads, the cheese is from another animal’s breast, a cow or goat or whatever animal has given their milk to production, has been fed something.

Okay this is a nasty post, but once we go behind the scenes on certain shops and restaurants we see the world that is created by economy the bad way to increase moneyflow on all levels, but the point is, humans consume what they do not know from McDonald’s, and I believe people have a right to know, because it is their health. My own health and others health means very much to me. To conclude especially offers from fast food restaurants, I think you should skip them and start to plan one day ahead or one week ahead, just to care for your health.

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