Today’s meeting as I am not going into as of private info etc. to be directly then it’s training for Herbalife members, and I have not intended to record or anything from the meeting, it is just in my memory for further use. This went on from Los Angeles as there is a President’s Teams summit. If you don’t know what that means, then it is the newest information through speeches by the top leaders, then some recognition of the ones who really make it big, I am actually playing with an idea after our call, and I do process information as I make this mental movie of the call as I on purpose is being deductive.

Now this deductive thing is something aware people know about, what and why. When participating in a call of training with information, that can lift people to a higher awareness and meet anxiety. The aware person listens very carefully to what is being said and are consciously entertaining the idea of impressing the subconscious mind, that means to become emotional with an idea, or get the feeling of to be inside the idea or live it. deductive is in real just accepting things as they are but doing it consciously, short example would be that people on the streets are very deductive, but they are that unconsciously.

The emotional impact it had on me still reside in me few hours later and I like that very much, I am convinced I have it this way is because I had my heartbeat up and running because I actually desired to share something, but I skipped it as I could search information elsewhere, and once I get the chance to talk, I just talk and talk, and almost taking over the show, so in this case I rather sit tight, get my mental muscles working and get into the vibe of becoming a great marketer via social media.