Turn the attention

The attention is on marketing and I personally have been turning my attention on the social networks as twitter, Facebook and google-plus, I have also added LinkedIn and tsu as I desire to go as much around as possible though I do not really like that much attention, but it is something essential. I like twitter more than the others, actually that is not entirely true, I like them all because they are free markets, we can exploit them as much as we can, and I have not done that 100 percent. When I tweet something, that could be a check-in via foursquare in etc my friend’s dance shop, I automatically share on twitter for marketing purposes, so I when I do I keep my mind locked into marketing in general and new messages every time.

A recap on the attraction that it was quoted; energy flows where attention goes. At first I did not understand it until I got to think about it, then imagined about energy and attention when it is focused properly. My definition on attention is that our conscious awareness that is directed towards a goal, it is concentrated like sunlight through a glass. What I often say to myself when I have attracted something or someone, that is I have used my conscious attention on what I might love or love to hate. You see attention is the keyword on love or love to hate, either way, it is the attention of love, what we desire that we most likely give attention to.

Don’t you find it fun to become aware of, that we can know ourselves better than anyone and I mean anyone? I find it amusing that we can, as my mentor calls it, fall in love what we do and we become better at it. When I take the word better, I also think of the word worse, as they are opposite of one another. To become better is a practice of perception,

Opening a business

After I have helped a friend with his business and still do that, I have gained more insight to what it means to open and run a business. That means I can grow my own in Herbalife, but that is not entirely the same. The difference you probably know is the rent and power or electricity, and the water etc. When having a business by the street, we have to pay at work and at home, so it double of almost everything. Do you think that is fair, to pay double? To some it sound logical and I can understand them because if we all went into network marketing, then there would be no businesses to walk to or sit by to enjoy something of tourism etc.

So when it comes to the market and to let people become aware of our product, I did after a long time, maybe seven years, realized that it takes more than just sitting back and expecting things to happen, because things just don’t happen and especially in business. In business we have to work at least until we have profit and can invest more into what we desire to make grow and have that moneyflow we desire so badly, but also we have to think of a spy to us and the ones that help us. The reason I mention spy, is because when making a sort of protection-system, we need to know eventually backdoor, or make ourselves secure in some way to get the greedy ones on a distance.

And then I love the word that is included in a prayer to make things happen, or to be exact, turn the invisible desire into a physical thing. Enthusiasm as my mentor clearly defines it, as being in touch with God, or the working Law of Universe, I am mentioning it to bring an understanding of what I mean.

Glengarry Glen Ross

I have seen the movie one more time and as I do the game, I am analyzing why the movie has its title. When I first saw the movie, it was only a clip and it was when Alec Baldwin has entered the scene and is giving a sales-training speech to the real estate people. The term “always” is the process which I studied first, as always is a never-ending process or always in motion etc. in the salesman’s mind always is a way to direct the customer to the goal and have an agreement take its place. Always be directing to a signature on the dotted line, that is what he teaches, but I look at the speech-process, so whenever I meet someone I sense have the time, I have the “always” in mind.

Salesmen has always been through an education – – and that is neverending“.

The Be word are almost too simple to give an explanation, but it describes something we do, you know the verb. Why I chose it to place it here, is because in the sales-training Alec Baldwin gives those real estate people is priceless, and associated with that I recall the motivational speeches in Wolf of Wall Street, as being the two movies in sales I like the most, there are others, but these two are the most. The Be that describes the action of closing is to me God-given, not that I support this kind, but it goes into art of selling.

Closing is then the decisive action as most people are scared of, or what they as fast as possible run away from, some people even like to be challenged in closing like myself, mostly because I listen very much to people when spoken to, and I love to challenge people. When I close sales as I don’t do often but I do, I see it as my own training to be more convincing before myself, I listen like third person. The closing part is always the decisive part. I want to hear what you believe to be your closing line. What is your opinion of closing sales? How often do you close sales? And Do you even when close to a close, run away in your mind if you know what I mean?

Blogging for health

In a job I have I can earn five dollars per service I see it as a benefit after I got informed by my friend who have a little passion for online incomes. He asks me sometimes, if I want to earn some extra and of course said yes in the beginning, but he very quickly found out what incomes I like and where my interests are. I taught him to make sales, or it should be some open questions, that should close a sale etc. the most simple sales training is in the movie, Glengarry Glen Ross. He agreed to ask me some other time. I also gave him some perspectives of when I meet some salespeople on my way that are seeking sales.

when we found out I was into writing very much, I have been on several sites, and I mean close to a dozen writing-sites, I was honest and telling him that I also love health, just like the happiness, health and wealth concept. At some point he showed me this site called Fiverr. I took a short look, and opened an account right away. I was then very skeptical to open up for commercial or marketing back then, so I almost put it to rest right after, but my friend didn’t.

When talking about the Fiverr-site, then we are talking about earning five dollars per work done. I kept thinking about what in the world I should write, because I have very much information locked up inside my head that wants to come out. He later on when asked few times, how does it go with Fiverr? Then I responded, well, I have much information, but I don’t know, I don’t experience growth, the skepticism of marketing maybe, I was not the person who goes out and do marketing every day. Today I almost can’t resist telling about health, and how I am a member of Herbalife.

My order to Herbalife

“Scientifically we have improved – – but this is remarkable”.

I had few challenges before I made the first order, from the new account I had opened up in the bank. I had to wait on a few numbers to get things straighten out, so I could process the order and make my customer happy and to be honest, me also. The challenge was mostly at the bank, because they had some kind of technical issue or system-errors occurring, I don’t blame them as all systems make errors to make them better. The first order then is almost complete as I have placed it in my office, and from the account, but still it is a work in progress.

Before the whole thing started with this order from this customer, I made some kind of a doctor-ish profile on him, as he explained to me what symptoms he had run into. I then listened carefully as it is my job as wellnesscoach, I then sort of mapped him out from my application from google to look at him the organ-way, the part where I almost could not figure it out was the neck, he kept telling me when he moved his jaw, he felt and could hear that crunchy thing from his neck, and I was a bit more worried than I believe he was about the sounds from his neck, caused by his jaw.

I then after he also said, when he sometimes breath he also has that crunchy neck feeling and sound, I then had to promote myself and the Herbalife shake, because I know one site I used to visit for other results I had read about various things, including my own acne. Another result was a thing someone was almost banished to share, was her story about her and her boyfriend that tried to make a baby but couldn’t, when she began the shake, is that she got the potential to make one and did it. I saw the same healing potential in my friend as I believed and was convinced that he could go the same path as her, but were maybe just missing some minerals.

Doing online deals

Be in that situation when you are standing in front of some huge assignment, you are in the habit as me to find a quick solution, you have a dozen of packages etc. and they are not really to carry around, and you know it would be effective to call someone and get some proper tools. My exposal and idea to bring something to life is quite tough sometimes, my friend’s business is the way I want to help, actually I desire to help him, because if something is not expanding or growing, then it’s going the other way, which equals, dying or closing down, simple put – not making profit.

When I stood and looked at all the big packages and was thinking, how can I get them to fit in the post-house, then I took with me just one pack, that was to not go empty-handed, I had a look and saw the tiny cage where I could put it all in. I went back and made a search on various post-deliveries if someone could pick them up and etc. what price, I then called my friend to ask why he didn’t have some deals with the postoffice, then I was explained that a lot of paperwork was going to be filled out and it would take too long. Well I saw the point in that, and then my problem – solution came to life, that I thought it had been a great idea if the arrangements were done long time ago.

Building bridge to networks are essential to grow and expand, it is one of the vital things to get production, then I am considering people who won’t do certain things as a bit too low. I am not saying they are stupid, but I am referring them as they haven’t seen it all, they lack education. If I were to build a business, which I had taken over, I had invested in education maybe though it is a risk. I know it is easier said than done, but I would then meet with few people to ask for their opinions.

Pharmaceuticals are coming closer

I have now seen various films and the latest I have seen, I compare to a poster I saw on a local station about some medication, believe it or not it was a pharmaceutical drug that should cure homophobic, and you will probably be convinced if I could attach the picture, but I can’t. Where I see the scary part is that, drugs in movies are becoming widespread, it is becoming like an everyday thing, it is becoming normal before people or the audience even are aware of it. It will grow under the skin, as a subliminal message or to speak of it as a deductive mind.

Why are those drugs included in movies more often now? I can tell you my own opinion on that, they want as many as possible to see it as an everyday use, that if someone get symptoms of something, the treatment will be chemicals instead of vitamins and minerals or the natural way. Both in real life and in movies I have seen occasion where a court judge has been the decisive person. Anyway I noticed it in the movie Imitation Game, when it ends, there is this text where the leading role has committed suicide after a year on pharmaceutical drugs.

Where my theory comes in about the implementation, is because I see it in what the actors say, and what the actors say has been written in a script, therefore I can determine how often you will be exposed to it. The comparison and the real life is not far from each other as I see. The bad thing or bad side of it is, the chemicals digested will do a harm, but to leave it up to a judge, not to offend any who reads this, but I am convinced that personally, a supreme-court judge would think of the human behind.

“It is drugs and medication versus – – minerals, vitamins, proteins and fibres”

New addition as desired

“To get desires processed – – we need a mastermind”.

I am in a members only group with my colleagues from Herbalife, a lot of masterminding or opinion-sharing I might add. At one point earlier in January 2015, a President’s Team member, which is a high level in Herbalife, uploaded a picture of a new product, which totally turned me on, a new fiber-product. I then within few minutes decided to expose the importance of fibers compared to proteins, as I see a lot of people post and talk about their view of protein, then I from that point, desire to help change people’s view, I decided to do something about my great knowledge of health.

I adopted the idea of the fiberproduct being the kind of like the completion of our Formula 1 shake as it consumed by maybe 100 million and more people every day, and if all these people have two or three shakes per day, then we’re topping consumption with above 300 million shakes per day maybe. In real life that is not much, and I can’t give you the exact number. But this Apple-fiber consists of 6 different fibers from various plants and one plant I didn’t knew was added and it almost didn’t surprise me. The 6 is: apple, wheat, corn, lemon, Christmas-salat and soy, all of these a bit new to me therefore I am studying them, but I am still sure what has been in the process to the Apple-fiber product.

The future of it seems bright, and I am pretty judgmental when I say that because it has just launched February 2015, I can see more additions coming. I know that the scientific advisory board are always evaluating formulas, with the purpose of making things better in any way. So when I saw that they included fibers from six different plants I was actually overwhelmed, and ready to go for it, and I started to share the product with few people, though I desire everyone should be adding it to their food and drink.

What if a bank was as back then

I often among my facebookfriends, those who believe that they are activists, they post often about banks being corrupt, or the government actually, and that money is a bad thing that politicians should not get or deserve. I then put myself in that position, what is a bank today compared to 50 years ago? Is capitalism really that bad? In my view no. I compare it to a monopoly game, where we start of with certain amount of capital, we can buy cheap properties, win money and earn them by working and just playing the game, that is where money has their role. As capital in civilized society.

I have never liked money, but also I have never had that much money between my hands. My childhood where I was quite deductive when it came to do things, then I just followed orders, I wasn’t told like many others, you have to earn money, like selling attitude or expressing I want money for a service, I had always been told, get a job when you become grown up, I did that. So going for the bank I take an old Danish television show called, ironically; monopoly. The series is about some very poor people, or some working people whom just go by. Then there is the wealthy ones, those who have their liberty to do what they want, and the capital to do what they desire. I see the role of a bank here.

Money was back then created for circulation and is an exchange of service, the Earl Nightingale recordings on money and leadership explains what and why money is important, and I have untill this day had those Facebook friends perception of money, so I am charging money from people who I have rendered a service. The bank back then was to obtain money from the public so that people wouldn’t use or could get someone else to manage their paychecks they would get from their chief. I believe if we rewind time to the 1930’s, there were etc. no loans I guess, so the bank could not really earn money on the public interest. Today you see loans all around and you are actually being programmed through commercials and other media to invest in loans, so the bank today has via media no real effort in earning money.

“Money is just used in negotiation of service”.

Doing a survey

I do on occasion take some surveys and I’m not talking about me taking the survey, I’m talking about people I meet taking the survey, that is both online and offline, mostly online. The reason I want to do so, is because I know that every business, both private and public which provide service to customers, one of their essential food if I would call it so, the feedback from customers what they like and what they need, well that is most of all. The next thing is the question for the business awareness and for the growth, it is important.

The survey I would send out would affect growth to the various departments, no matter how small or big the business is, it is vitally important to get feedback on the different things to keep a path and to make changes, so businesses and customers can keep a healthy growth and a connection to each other. The survey should then be made or created from outside in or inside out, meant that way so it will affect both distributors and customer care. The team leaders or managers who manages, and leads by example. The feedback to those are more important than to the leaders above them as I would say in my opinion.

So when I am out in public and doing some survey on my own. I tend to ask the people whom expedite me, and on occasion the ones I wait in line with, what etc. they eat or if they are aware of certain things, or if they buy some certain things, why they like it and then I etc. inform them what is the good thing, and what is the bad thing. This is my kind of survey. What I can use it for is to determine their attitude, where people are in their state of mind and their health, well their health I can just look at their skin, that is obvious to me.

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