Limbic system

More into system

I am very much an organizer when it comes to creating systems out of things. So when I go into the storage with shoes I think of two things, one is the names of the shoes to get into order, the next is to sort things by height, and yes lady shoes in showbiz has various heights. This is an excellent way to make things better for me mentally to get things into order, I have tried it before but as I was coached to believe, I am then convinced that everything can get better, my mentors at Proctor Gallagher Institute can nod yes to that.

A thing about systems is we of course learning to get the order right, I mean that we learn to organize them, and not only one way but several ways. You see, it comes naturally to us with systems, it is something to do with our reptile brain or the brain we have had for thousands of years, then the limbic system, and lastly the neocortex. What I am fond of is and will share is, if we individually are not getting things into system, our brain will be like, oh damn, how do I sort this out, so we will by nature create our system. Pretty amazing huh.

I asked my friend in the shop whether it had to be sorted as name a height, then she answers me, she wanted it this way and that way, and I responded; okay, well let me think it through tonight or tomorrow night as I have few meetings to attend, then I will figure out what to do to make things go better and more efficient. She was inclined to agree as I can move in the environment as she can’t do it, or only for one trip so to speak, but I can be there for an hour etc. I just think it’s fun. I see the purpose.

The attention

I’m walking every single day, that is not a surprise for most people, but the thing I am very aware of, and when I meet the situations I sometimes get a laugh, and other times I just want to strike, you know what I mean, like hit hard or yell out, what the hell are you doing, follow the rules like everyone else. Problem is, I myself break the rules every day and I do it consciously because I ask myself few questions inside my mind before doing the task. I believe we all have certain ways to ask for attention and I know when people do it, they remind me of small psychopaths, rough said.

Well, the motivation for this one lies in some young boys on my walk across a field, where people actually are supposed to walk, but the boys were like, riding their bikes in between me and another, though I sensed one of them was trying to avoid it, though the two or the one in lead was really trying to get the attention as I mentioned. I then have reached the point where I no longer interfere with them as being like a parent or a policeman to judge them, to stop them and say, you are breaking the rules, get back to the road, because if I did that, they would make me a ridicule or yell at me maybe 10 meters away while they are rolling away.

The thing I know about attention is that, we have this little brain in the back of our head called a reptile-brain, that is the brain we have had since we started walking around, that is the goal-seeking brain, the other regions of our big brain contains the limbic system and neocortex, which is the regions that control our feelings, like fitting in, in social gatherings “anxiety”, and then the neocortex. What inspires me much is the attention-seeking and the thrill of being in that adrenaline state of mind. That is where I was heading with the post.

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