Law of attraction

Run it like a mantra

“Everybody has a goal – – otherwise they could not hit anything”.

Yes it is easier said than done I know, but if you are familiar with some religions or those who runs mantra’s, then you will be fine and already very familiar with this. Of course some does not know what a mantra is, so I will explain it the way I was educated. A mantra is something of a command etc. that is said repeatedly so many times that is becomes an obsession, or to be more specific my way, impressed to the subconscious mind, or universal mind or whatever we call it.

For some it sounds really like the psychiatric diagnose for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or better known as OCD, you might better relate to that word as it is most common today.

I have been through this education with Proctor Gallagher Institute, and they are very effective, Bob Proctor the Chairman knows what he talks about, let us add 55 years of study into his business, then I bet I have given a good reference to others.

I don’t know the original story to get an obsession, I only became aware of it when I took the Proctor Gallagher course: Bob Proctor Coaching. To make it a bit final and to tell you about the result, then it is the repeated message to self, which means, our own talk it out loud so many times that we Either piss ourselves off – would be the first sign, or we get impressed by it, so we start to act on it.

I know the recipe for a mantra as I have heard Bob Proctor do it live on his Streaming Club, and in a question and answer session from the very informative daily program, Six Minutes to Success. I would not use the mantra in this post, but to repeat a sentence over and over and over again, will start to stick in our subconscious side of mind.

A friendly piece of advice will also be, to really, really give it a thought to when choosing what to repeat to self or you, because it shapes your future conditions, and you are in fact already repeating something to self every day since you act on ideas.

The near death

“Anticipation will rarely lead to disappointment – – expectation will lead to the disappointment”.

This sounds like a heart-wrenching experience as I am talking about a near death thing here. No, what I am referring to is first of all a story told by my mentor from the program “Into Your Genius”. He explains it so the one who listens will get an image in their mind to work with, which is also the purpose of course. What purpose for me it has is that, I get to use my imagination, reason and perception, in other words, my intellect. The story is of a humming-bee that is so determined to fly through a window, but of course as you have witnessed yourself, it can’t, but it tries and tries all the time, until it gives up.

I am sort of amused by the story which comes from the book by Price Pritchett: You2 or You Squared. When I saw a video of one reading from the chapter, I got more into it to imagine what it would be like to actually read the book, I then ordered it with an advanced decision, and that advanced decision can be explained by, I had already made my decision to read and study the book. The story of the humming-bee is only the I-want-it feeling, a kind of decisive desperation. The book holds much value as it learned my mentor in the past to think in a direction besides reasoning and monitor the reasoning. We also have to direct the reason somewhere and exploit our potential to create from our intellect.

Before I will get the book home, which will make this blog-post older when you read it probably, I would have begun to study it and read it through a couple of times. The reason for that is when we read something again or repeated times, and discover something new, we don’t see by that something new in that book, no, we see something in ourselves that wasn’t there before, I heard that from Proctor Gallagher Institute, and they are right.

Repelled and attracted

As we go into this Law of Attraction as most people find familiar now, I have been for my own advantage asking myself, if we can attract people then we can also repel people, or to understand it better, as soon as attraction stops or the interest goes down from purpose, then repelling sets in from attraction. I can explain in great detail etc. but it demands a program and steady study for maybe every week and on top of that reporting to coach. Anyway, repelling is of course opposite of attraction. If I go into the mind of people, and I am not a mind-reader, then the only thing I can see is their attitude, and from there I can be repelled automatic, why? It is because we do not share the same interests, but only for a short time if so.

If the interest of meeting other people is there and by Law there must be attraction as from feelings and emotions, we will be attracted to something, and in this case I am using people for the attraction. Though we can attract anything and we do actually, whether it is a bus stop or car, or an animal. What sets up the attraction is our interests and those we have few of, they have been programmed into almost from birth, some are and some are not, I can use my own interest as I am almost obsessed with systems. No matter where I go, I quickly see a system and reorganizing so that it fits my thinking, that means if someone suddenly have a question I would be able to answer though I may only have seen something for a short time. The sum up would be I would have attracted some people for a shorter or a longer period of time.

One of the key things would be when I started to understand how the attraction really works so notice my own feelings, so what I want you to do is make a comment on what and how you have seen this repelling and attraction worked for you.

“Everything goes from one thing to another – – attraction from one place to another”.

Attraction on and off

The reason that many people are wandering around and at times with me as witness, they complain, then wonder why they get the same thing again and again. They have etc. heard about Attraction, they often respond; I know that everything can fall to the ground when we let go on things physically. But what they are not aware of is that the attraction also works on feelings, they are not educated in that, so when they at some times are happy they stay that way for a short time.

When all people flock like birds or other animals, they do that in some degree and then more are entering, but that only happens to a certain point where tiny new groups begin to form and that already happens if we should go into details, when we are 10 or more. When I look at small circles of influence and the way they work, they keep the group small and have time to express ideas, just like a mastermind group. At a point when all have shared, or let out what they had on mind, one by one they begin to drop out and when that happens, then it means the attraction in that specific group decreases and stops until next time.

So if you are in that situation that you find it hard to believe that this is fact, then I can assure you, yes you reader, that this Law of Attraction is working on play all day long, even at night if you are awake. If you have questions about this attraction, I think you should be welcomed to leave a comment and maybe a question, because what we know, we can know more about. What is your opinion? What can you relate to in your everyday life?

No receiving without giving

This subject lies close to me as I have been in my sales-trainings and courses. The fun and weird thing about it is, almost none of them worked out as they should have besides one and that was a kickoff for further enlightenment in sales and asking for money etc. it could also be asking for a service, or asking for assistance or help of any kind. The asking also comes from receiving and that is where the fun part begins for me, because I have during my education as part-time-coach been educated in the Law of Attraction and also the Law of Receiving. Law of Receiving is the same as asking for money, but it will only work if we give.

Then we have the give part of asking or receiving, we must give before we can get, and this is where most people, I would be inclined to agree with Proctor Gallagher that we have to give before we can receive, that is in align with when we want to borrow because, if we do not have something we have to get something before we can give, but here is the problem, almost all people believe we have to give something physical in order to receive something, and I understand people, but we can receive just by asking for some non-existent, that is spiritual yes. We have to think of what service we can give in order to get money etc. or a network of people, we have to either show good attitude or just bad attitude, first one is better.

I then have this question for you so you can fill in some comments below. How is your relationship with money? What do you see money as? And have you thought of providing other people with an impression as it takes to get something from them?

“If we don’t give a smile – – how can we expect someone else to give if they don’t know what our intention is”.

Attraction reloaded

When I hear someone speak of what they have and that they are unhappy about, I get few pictures in mind. The first one is that they are a bit too acidic in PH level, then there is the stress, or tiredness, and the last one, they are not aware of what attraction is besides what they have learned in school about things fall to the ground. I feel provoked or motivated to say your desire for change has to be there for you to change beliefs, and that is maybe not enough. The desire is required to be there or seen through belief, question of belief.

Now that I may have entered your curiosity about what really is to change, or for that matter, the hope is there for change to the better. To re-establish the new attraction, we have to get real on putting questions down, and that is not questions for others, it should be questions for the inner discovery to load again change of feelings. This is a simple and fun thing, though there are many processes that goes into the change to become aware of the attraction.

I often get questions on how to start, I then express as I can, try not to ask for the how, because it is anxiety provoking, ask for the “what” and search for the why or have it as a purpose. When you enter a shop, then the cashier or the people behind the desk often comes forward and asks you of kindness; what can I help you with? Or what do you wish? And then you express what you want, and never or second do you say what you want and how you want it, because you are convinced that you get a service. So what do you see in this Law of Attraction if you should re-establish it to be conscious aware?

Attraction of Law

What is the attraction kind of thing? What am I talking about?Well I have been very much into studies of Raymond Holliwell and other mentors, to be more specific I have read his artwork of Working With the Law and not against it. The attraction goes by feelings as almost no one knows of, and I have my own way of explaining it, as I desire greatly to get and understanding from people. The way I explain it is stating it as a question to people like, do you know what causes our feelings or more specific, your feelings, then I often get a no, then I can then determine where they are mentally, and I am not stating that I am better, because I don’t want to feed my ego. Attraction can also in brief be shown by holding something and without throwing it, it will fall to the ground, and that one is obvious and ridiculous to people.

So going more into the theory and my own enthused explaining, we are magnetized to each other, yes we are, did you know that? The way I found out is by holding these images of etc water when you have two or three drops, and when we lead them close enough, they end up becoming one instead of two. The magnetism is all around and everywhere I face I of course see why people are together and I know what has caused them to get there, of course it is a mutual interest. Okay, another image we can work with as you probably would ask or find logical, if we place more than two people in a circle and find something all 10 people find interesting, they will first off have a purpose to stick with, they all do, next is, if someone gets tired of that purpose or see no benefit, then that certain human will automatically leave or let go of the magnetism and leave the circle.

So when leaving is occurring, that might be more than one or two people, they have ceased to see or believe that specific purpose serves them and without them even knowing it, they leave. So when others suddenly paying attention to them, then are asking why they are leaving, they have found an excuse or they have planted another purpose from an idea that they will show interest in. So what I would like you to do, is to comment on what or how you see an attraction and how you would see it as a Law? And would you agree with me about this Law?

Think and grow rich

This is the title of Napoleon Hill’s book, which he did spent 20 years of writing, and what has come out of it? a lot of wealth. My mentor is a very passionate and what I know about right now is that, he is the current, and what I have heard until now, he has studied it the most. He has the habit to say he is reading it every day, and I do actually understand him because I have been in books with an alike meaning. I have read the book myself, in Danish that is, but I haven’t read it so that I would impress myself, and that is the big key.

The impression of things has to occur to change our subconscious mind that is either by positive or negative impression, because it is emotional, like a chock or a surprise, the emotional impact that really changes things in us. The chapter that impressed me more than others or to be exact, two chapters, was the first of a story about this guy who wanted so deeply or this great desire to work as a partner with Andrew Carnegie, and if I remember correctly then he or Napoleon Hill stated, to be sure there is one way and forward is to burn all bridges behind, when I read I was thinking; what if I did that to my past. What would happen to me mentally, would I break down?

The other chapter on self-suggestion, I remember I read it in the train and the bus. On the way out and the way home from work. I actually miss that time, but it’s over. I read and started to think about the self-suggestion chapter once I came across one word after another. I then realized, if I would take one word at a time, picture it myself as a film etc. what would it do to impact me if I did what it said. Then I can now say to you that, the self-suggestion came clear to me that I would take charge over my senses and would have self-control over my five senses. That is enormous.

“To get or give impression – – we have to impress ourselves first through thinking”.

Spiritual side

I attended this event where spirituality is the first priority and, yes, I have a very high interest in the other side, the side where the majority calls ghosts. I believe as many do that there are more between so-called heaven and earth, I merely see it as frequencies and vibration. When I attended this event, I bumped into this guy who had some special-made bowls made of metals, and two of the metals are nutrients that we need as humans to function. What I liked about them was they are to be used as some special massage in shape of banging kindly on the edge with a stick, so it would make a sound.

This kind of sound as probably everyone would agree or those who have the knowledge, they would nod to that I say, it is vibrations, and vibrations is expressed as sound, and vibration is frequency, I believe they are the same just viewed in different things. When one bowl is put on the head etc. and either one self or another is hitting easy on the bowl, the vibration is sent from it, and in all directions, as the sound is between 20 hertz and 20.000 hertz I explained to my friend that the sound and vibration is sent in all directions and the body will instantly change, or our cells would pick up the vibration, he actually understood me.

We both tried the massage and the effect was in my feet as the one I tried, he didn’t experience any big effects. When he said that, and we both know his symptoms with his jaw, I began to wonder what was inside his body that needed change, I was then thinking of nutritional supplement, as we need nutrients and this vibration-massage is something else. One little secret I then discovered and was told, the monks back in history also used this type of healing, and to keep the power hidden for the majority, then they would hide food in them, and that would actually be considered as sacrifice of food if we look at it that way.

Unconscious competent

When going through this process of changing environment, people often don’t think, roughly said. They often do not consider or by mainstream or the everyday word, they stress. I know from own experience and survey that, people are most unconscious and most of all, almost competent, well I can say they are kind a competent because they know their habits. The language I then speak or practice communicating by is feelings or emotions. The way it is put is I study first of all, my own habits and what to do to change them because if I can change my own, I can teach it to others.

Being unconscious competent is doing the best without thinking or giving any conscious thought to the situation, it is what drives us out the bed each morning, and have been programmed into us and typically by someone else. The state of mind is what Napoleon Hill calls it, the devil mind is the idle mind, and I agree with the statement after my 5 year-long education, which I have chosen not to stop with, and that is because it is a work in progress. I have then been put in front of the question about if one person can go from being unconscious competent to the same state of mind without learning something, and that is like saying, I want two summer periods right after each other, that’s not possible.

We have to go into the opposite to begin with, the conscious incompetent, and that is the first step as everyone faces, even my great mentor does it, because if we don’t turn things around, then we can’t go back to things as they were or learn new things from a brand new perspective. The short but huge step of mind is going from, unconscious competent to conscious incompetent, two total opposites, the process is actually so important that people should know about it, and I am willing to share it.

“We all move from one state to another – – and I mean mental state”.

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