The real purpose of a program I discovered through the trilogy Matrix as when Neo and the Oracle have this conversation about things having a purpose and when a program etc. cease to have the purpose, it might fled or hang on to the system as long as possible, it has adapted too much. She mentions that when a program has ceased to live by purpose, it gets deleted, and I thought of that after few times seen, it goes back to where it came from, now I see that partly as humans do the same in a shorter or longer lifespan, so as long as the purpose of the program is there with its functions, then it won’t be deleted.

Before a program gets deleted, I can mention windows as I and probably also you use as operating system, it get’s updates all the time, and why is that? It is because someone out there tries to hack the system, or they want to find weaknesses before a hacker does. Though a modification can also be an extra feature, or a correction, I mean there are many sorts of modifications, and the ones I mentioned was just the ones I know of as of this moment.

I often go to that state of mind where I take Richard Buckminster Fuller’s quote interesting; we should never fight with an existing model, we have to build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. That is what I also say to many when I sense they feel stuck or need some quick advice for further development, and to help them start to think. I know it takes time to adapt to a brand new idea but it will happen if we keep a persistent desire. The adaption, in what way do you see yourself to adapt to systems etc? And have you ever tried to see if you could adapt via forcing maybe?