Joker (comics)

As said, enemies

In a Gotham episode, the penguin, which I believe we see very much to has his ways of defining things, just like, Lex did in Smallville, and to be precise, it was in the Smallville series finale he said it; we are only as great as our heroes. This quote was also mentioned or something like it in the Red Hood episode of Gotham, only the penguin said, our enemies defines us. To be at it again, then I have the bow and arrow in my mind, so that to shoot off the arrow and how far it goes, only depends on how well we stretch the bow, the same is with the enemies.

The more evil our enemies are, the more huge we become, that is if we go by that philosophy of everything to have an opposite. If we would take the philosophy, which is actually quite true, we could compare ourselves to others to get a relativity of how big or how small we are compared to how big we can be. The theory of tightening the bow to shoot off an arrow would be the same theory. I remember it clearly from the Smallville series finale that Lex says very clear to Clark, that we are only as big as our enemies are big, or something like that.

Looking at opposites, then it could be the same as a vortex, a tornado, okay to make it simple then we have to force a minus in nature to get a bigger plus, there we have our tornado, the effect of a tornado as the enemy of cities, something has to be started from somewhere otherwise we can’t get that beautiful spin from a tornado. It is the same with summer and winter, in the north and south region rain falls as snow etc. and is most people’s enemy when they are heading for work. So as said, the bigger enemy, the bigger hero.

Gotham’s joker and insanity

I am very aware sometimes when my favorite shows run on air in the America’s. I am convinced after I have become more aware how to write, then I look more at messages in episodes and I know now, as many others how many episodes and how long they run. In the episode of circus or The Blind fortune-teller, we see the joker as a young boy, and it is like Smallville as the young Superman. The joker hides his crime very well and he acts good. Of course it is written in the script but the message given is very well.

You can always go from insanity to sanity – it takes education“.

When I watched the episode where now the joker is introduced to Gotham, I could see that the director, producer and the casting team really put a lot of attention to the character of being a joker, not by a card-game or a magician etc., but more like a split-personality. If you know what I mean, because I remember in the scene where the joker is interrogated along with the blind fortune-teller, if you focus on the episode and the specific scene when James Gordon is in the house, the Joker suddenly bursts out and the truth is revealed. It is very cool.

As everyone grows with a job, I believe the director has a lot to say or by influence as it is his image of a show and specific episode. The characters are casted great and I am convinced that they have used a lot of time in finding the right people and decorated the atmosphere. If I should compare it to the world away from acting, I then see a lot of people who could act this way, as I know we have this inner voice like my previous blog post about Birdman, yet I see it as the imagination is transferred to real world without any filters. This amazes me.

Penguin’s takeover of the fish club

Episode of the scarecrow, I have the word scarecrow from Smallville back in 2002 when that aired, and now also in Gotham. I see it in every television show, whether it is grand prix, or live show from something. Okay this is where people should be asking question of what I mean. Well I can say that shows are either in blue light or red light, I assume there is a bell ringing. I want to go to the Gotham episode and just relate some things from there, but I want to keep the focus on various theories as they can help bring awareness.

In this scarecrow episode fish Mooney is taken down or gone into exile and lands somewhere unknown, I believe it’s sewers or something. Changing to fish mooney’s club and that we know it is bathed in red light, as in red light district, penguin has taken over and it is his great night, when we see the club is changed to blue light. Two factors by that is the color blue shines a very powerful message to people around, and the other is in politics as there are only two wings as in red and blue side, just like red equals republicans and blue equals democrats. Ring any bell? I hope there is.

I like the episode in few ways, the scarecrow is also the finish of a sick man who works to eliminate fear from his life, and as I assume then he uses his son as experiment. My focus is on the club as they decide to change from red to blue and not red to white well-lighted club or maybe even a green light, well that signals other things. Notice your favorite reality show or live show, that is in either blue light or red light, or both. Well never see a show in white light, but only in red or blue.

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