The six minutes decision motivation

I have this program from the Proctor Gallagher institute called six minutes to success, to be more exact it is daily videos describes and explains what and how and when etc. it is a really cool and structured program.

To mention it to make you ask a question, I have been in the program since 2010, yes, it is a long time though it is well worth it.

To motivate others I would start an image-processing an information super-highway, that you are driving and know where you are going, at a specific point you want to turn off the road and continue on a road you know that leaves you where you want.

Imagine then if you made a decision to turn off before that turn that would get you where you wanted, you would end up somewhere else.

The same way is it with the Six Minute daily program.

A new video with information and lesson to execute and learn from, all that matters is the listening and thinking, to use consciousness in those few minutes.

The decision I made way back when I decided to join the Six Minute on a daily basis, was because of curiosity and what it had to offer, though it felt a bit expensive I tried and trusted what I did not know what would come.

The main point is; I desired change.

The reason for doing so was that I felt depressed in a situation where a door was locked, though I searched for the key to open it. Something inside always tells us; there is a way! Because, if we have gone into a position from somewhere else, then we can reach a new point.

The motivation is to get secrets of the mind from motivators from your very desktop.

As Proctor Gallagher puts it, make just a small fraction of a turn then you will notice change in huge amounts and get results that stick.

The alternative title

I am not a doctor but I almost think like one or an alternative one, I often go into some biodigital application to test some theories that can assist me in helping people with certain conditions or symptoms. More often when I move around on social networks and around in public I get to be tested. That is my own testing, so when people feel a bit weird inside and in a specific area I might be able to say; this is where it is wrong and what might have been a wrong intake of food and drink, I then have my shake I can give people or to use as a reference.

I have had 6 or 7 doctors from when I was in education and until now, and I am a bit proud to say I have had that many and still not, though when I explain it to people I say that since 2004 I haven’t sought a doctor, and after 2007 when I started Herbalife I didn’t feel the need for one. When I sort of play the doctor for people I would ask as a doctor but I would think in terms of nutrition, I would empathize their pain and symptoms and search for the cause as I see two things in one thing, freemasons do that, not that I am one, I’m not but they have the ability and everyone can get that, just a matter of understanding.

I came up with this alternative title because I see the need for good advisors in nutrition and not in medicine. Well, if it was possible to turn the current doctors around I would join the staff any time. But currently I do not see that situation come. When I associate alternatives with nature, I get these stories about witches and wizard but I would then change the view of them as I would be one myself as I often seek nature’s goods.

“I don’t have a PhD – – but I sure know what good health is”.

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