James Gordon (comics)

Miss mooney and her way

You might wonder why I do so much research on the specific show Gotham, well I can tell you it’s about a corrupt system and a cop that are working to expose it or take it down, it’s James Gordon, the future ally with Batman, though we might not see it in the show or perhaps Bruce Wayne is going to be recast. Anyway I am touching on this Miss Mooney and her character because in every situation she enters, she wins the faith of the top, and that is no matter who she talks to. She can negotiate the way to the top, or so her character was written that way.

This episode of “Everyone has a Cobblepot” the doctor she wanted to meet is very open to be like forgiving her, and then she is shown around and some few experiments are shown before her and to her surprise and our ridiculous, it’s of course pretty obvious it’s not real, but it really tells the story or what goes on and could go on behind the psychiatry’s walls. The scene where the doctor expressed and tells Miss Mooney that why he trusts her, and walks toward a window I try to see in the pattern they look through, if there is anything hidden, “me an conspiracies”.

He tells her very quiet, Miss Mooney, let me show you why I trust you so much, and the window is coming in more focus, and we start to see it from the outside, then it is exposed her face of expression and then we see why she has that surprised and chocked expression, the hospital or psychiatric hotel is like Alcatraz, it’s on the middle of an Island. I think before that scene I told myself why the episode was called everyone has a Cobblepot, because everyone has something to hide, maybe even me.

Mask in Gotham

The episode of Gotham TV series this time was about the red hood, and when I read the analytics they were kind of like; how many masks. Bruce Wayne didn’t see the mask, but only James Gordon and his corrupt partner did. Masks are a form of ego and I noticed as critics didn’t but probably meant was the ego that turns people around is when they take on a mask of some sort, it happens to anyone, the mask or hood is metaphorically speaking and means we can hide the person we don’t like and we can show the person we want, but according to the world of psychiatry, the mask is behind many diagnoses.

We see some joking in the beginning about the red hood and I thought the red hood was some kind of a superhero unshootable etc. but I was wrong, instead the hood indicated an alter ego as we might see in the future of Gotham, we should hold in mind the series is actually about James Gordon before we even knew Batman, so I believe I should be focusing on that. The hood in the episode should have been taken like a hero, that is also one of my views, because the first robbery we see then the person who wears the mask, takes the money and draws attention by throwing up money for the people in the street.

Then we are going for the Robin Hood category as he stole from the rich and gave to the poor, I somehow agree with that, but not all way when I start to think, and I mean think. One thing there is to take from the rich and give to the poor, but their mindset won’t change at all, so I am convinced to mention it, that Robin Hood was created from revenge, envy, maybe resentment, so that is really what it stands for. The hood is to make people feel convinced they can act another way, an alter ego.

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