Immune system

Cancer and scurvy

Cancer has always been here or for that matter, we have just not been aware of it until now or recently. I write this to make you and foremost I aware of that if we can get cancer and we all can get it, we can get rid of it. I have this habit of analyzing words, and I can be wrong very wrong at times, but the word cancer not only is a dis-ease, but also a star-sign, why would name a star-sign after an illness, I simply do not understand, so the next thing I have been questioning myself about is the split of the word, can as in a can of something, and the “cer” is added, yes it sounds odd and I feel that when I express the analyze of it.

The name Scurvy I do not know much about other than the Doctor of Philosophy, Luigi Gratton mentions in Herbalife’s nutrition education program about how scurvy came to our awareness. The story goes a bit like this, and I have also read a tiny bit on Wikipedia but I did that after I watched Luigi telling about it. When people on ships were transported over sea or worked offshore, they would get sick and the crew didn’t know why, that is very understandable, something unfamiliar of symptoms. They would get sick with no actual facts of help until things were tried, so I guess back then there were a lot of changes on crew.

What can we do to avoid newer diseases and be protective of the old. You see I have these few people I have read about, that is specifically Bruce Lipton and Bob Proctor. Bruce Lipton is cell biologist and grew this passion back in 1967 or so, because he was amazed about what he saw in a microscope, and to this day he is still very much into it. So I want to know or start a conversation with you that would lead to an understanding of both sides and I mean mine and yours. Place you comment to get interactive, what you mean about these two dis-eases?

Flushing the nose

Funny subject but can do many things good in the head, to flush the nose has a great benefit, and what to do? You can buy a nosebucket and mix some warm saltwater into it, and then tip the head to the right to flush out the right nose and opposite on the left side. The first time I heard of it and tried was when I was in fostercare, yeah that seems weird, but they did some alternative stuff, and I am happy with that. One of the things was this noseflush which I believed was very unusual, very weird, of course it was the first time I heard about it.

Back then I was not aware of why really do it though I was told it cleanses the sinuses, well I just followed orders so that I could get well, and since I back then as I do now, I hate to be sick, so I do anything to not become it. the first time I did it was a hell, and it felt, strange and I could taste the saltwater in my throat, well, everything has a beginning and even garbage-disposals needs cleaning and our nose is the victim or the center when we breathe to particles of dust.

So our sinuses as our other organs they function in a way, and to meet the proper use of those senses then we need to clean them, or to hold them clean in some way, so then I see a cleanse of our sinuses actually once a week instead of never as some never know it. To those who never does it, then I can say to flush out the sinuses, it also helps the ringing for the ears, you know when listening to loud music for a longer period of time.

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