I have now seen various films and the latest I have seen, I compare to a poster I saw on a local station about some medication, believe it or not it was a pharmaceutical drug that should cure homophobic, and you will probably be convinced if I could attach the picture, but I can’t. Where I see the scary part is that, drugs in movies are becoming widespread, it is becoming like an everyday thing, it is becoming normal before people or the audience even are aware of it. It will grow under the skin, as a subliminal message or to speak of it as a deductive mind.

Why are those drugs included in movies more often now? I can tell you my own opinion on that, they want as many as possible to see it as an everyday use, that if someone get symptoms of something, the treatment will be chemicals instead of vitamins and minerals or the natural way. Both in real life and in movies I have seen occasion where a court judge has been the decisive person. Anyway I noticed it in the movie Imitation Game, when it ends, there is this text where the leading role has committed suicide after a year on pharmaceutical drugs.

Where my theory comes in about the implementation, is because I see it in what the actors say, and what the actors say has been written in a script, therefore I can determine how often you will be exposed to it. The comparison and the real life is not far from each other as I see. The bad thing or bad side of it is, the chemicals digested will do a harm, but to leave it up to a judge, not to offend any who reads this, but I am convinced that personally, a supreme-court judge would think of the human behind.

“It is drugs and medication versus – https://tinyurl.com/q7murhr – minerals, vitamins, proteins and fibres”