Is wifi a hoax

It is about vibrations sent from this wireless thing I am going to address.

The purpose of wi-fi is to have a solid connection and so far I have experienced a better connection with wi-fi than ordinary cell, because an ordinary cell-phone constantly with a certain frequency is searching for the cell tower, and in micro or nanoseconds are determining whether there is solid connection.

This process goes on for as long as the cellphone is starting up, turning on and turning off, what I mean by starting up is from the standby when clicking button.

The wi-fi connection is partly the same.

The difference between the cellphone’s own connection to a tower and a wi-fi modem, is that various frequencies are bombarded to your brain besides your device, whether it would be a laptop, tablet or a cellphone.

The word wi-fi comes from the connection, wireless, and then the riddlename, fidelity, fidelity is something stable that we can count on, yes we sure can.

Besides turning a modem off, I have not yet experienced a dropout from this kind of technology.

Therefore it lives up to its expectations of being fidelity and stable.

The other thing I question is the thing dangerous since so many and few warnings? Why I mention that is because I have a lot of activists in my area or I know many whom really do not like it and are doing something actively to avoid the radiation from etc wi-fi and the cellular towers.

To bring up a short story is when I worked at a telecompany, many do that or have done that. I got some technical knowledge of how mobile-technology works and in which direction a cellular tower points at, it is towards the people, the civilization.

The wi-fi is a bit different, which means it is mounted somewhere near the location where is has to be used, therefore the wi-fi is more dangerous than mobile, it is more intense signal, and besides your device as mentioned, then our brains get the same signal, whether it is healthy or not.

The biggest calculation

With past experiences about computational processors, I do on occasion think about what amount of speed we can come up with, then I think of the cars we put on the streets to replace horses, I remember my mentor explain in a video. I don’t think we suddenly discovered it, I have a firm belief some sat down and asked themselves in a circle with others; how can we clean off the streets of animal excretion and totally avoid it and maybe earn money?

Those tiny questions affiliated with speed, I do not on occasion think about them, but do I share it? I do that yes, on theoretical level and doing what I can to shape an image with people. I do not play with physical instruments, because I know a lot about computers but not enough, and they are already invented.

To jump forward then I have on a service with music, few collections of my mentor’s mentor. He has recorded an album one specific track is titled something with, The Goldmine Between Your Ears. I have listened to it, and the way he describes our brain is phenomenal.

With that picture in mind, then I associate with another biochemist in biology and medicine on YouTube and his website.

My own words would be that we have picked up speed if we look with perception to the past.

Present day computers etc. I have noticed that instead of going up or faster in frequency, we do our best to build in value or effectiveness in one CPU, so that is only one thing.

Going to the thing I admire much is our brain, that specific organ that is like a computer, only much more complicated, with that said then it controls our entire body with the help from our mind, our paradigm that is programmed throughout our life.

Our brain is connected to our spine that has regions that controls our motions, I can get very specific also when it comes to numbers so to not confuse but leave some curiosity then I will let you make a search if interested.

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