I have recently been in some discoveries about value instead of quantity. A customer of mine needed some guidance in buying some unsaturated fats, he was then in some grocery-store and called me because he was confused, I added quickly that he should add mine to his shopping basket when shopping. I went online and made a small discovery of Herbalife’s fish oil. In the beginning I believe that the little capsule was too expensive and was maybe of no value, I then downloaded freely a copy of the ingredients and saw besides the amount of fish oil, three other oils as being, cloves, thyves and peppermint. I almost instantly went to google and Wikipedia to read about the oils, and even though the small amount of oil, I know it has an effect.

Oils are very essential as they are demanded for vitamins to circulate in the bloods we can be sure the 14 vitamins and at least 10 minerals flow to their rightful destination or organs. I see it as now being macronutrients as Luigi Gratton has taught it to distributors of the Herbalife network. Essential oil is then something I work on to consume every day, as it is not stored as a habit of mine. Fats like the unsaturated ones are stored in the liver as I have been taught to believe.

I know now which I did not know before I joined Herbalife, that among the oils we should consume and not butter from a cow’s milk or any other animal, that we should extract oils from plants and nuts etc. because they are high in minerals and few vitamins, after all David Heber tweeted that there are lots of known plant species on our planet that we have yet to use, and I know Herbalife’s scientific and nutrition-board are working on solutions.