The restart

“Sometimes things work by force here – other times they work if we get to know it better

As I sit and doing some update on myself about what products to buy from home, and online from my computer. I then log in to my webshop to place an order to find some products are not there, we are talking Herbalife here. I begin to look twice because at first glance I could have gone wrong. I sway over the list again to check if those products missing actually were not there, and I was right, some of them were not there. I do panic a little because I had never tried this before and wondered why after this second check these popular products are not available. It hits me, Are they so popular?

Looking for those special ones I start to think about the other products I have in mind to add to the basket, so I begin a little search for them as I still have that wondering in my mind. I do then a peek on my phone which is on my left side for recharge and on the righthand-side the documents for later use. I turn my attention back to the screen so I can place the order, I hit up the other products I have to shop and add them to my basket so I can proceed. In the middle of my ordering I see the phone starts to act weird.

I suddenly give it all of my attention as I did not plan it to happen as I almost never reboot it several times a day, but this time it all went wrong somehow. I wonder. I had to restart it and force with battery taken out. It rebooted and came back up again as hoped for. The panic went down and got the chance to return to my order to place, which I did. The other products I had to add besides my one special ones, which was oddly enough still missing or out of stock, I got the extra ones as I desired, the phone was working again.

The 90 days

When entering network marketing, there is of course a lot that goes on, one of the things and one of the key points I have come to know, and incorporate a bit for now, is the 90 day plan. I have over a span of years actually, been told; always have a 90 day plan. Then there is this conviction about a year there is 365 days, and the end of a year is December 31 st. This is what most people tend to follow, if not all and besides their own culture, because they have been told, so many times, that one year is 365 days, but if I went to another country as mentioned, they would probably have several or other calendars.

In empathizing my point of view in that case of calendars, is that they are all built on religion – I have been in research for a time. If you go to Wikipedia and search for calendars, you will find many and I mean many, and I mean over a dozen. The 90 day calendar is what I call it; my year. And why do I call it my year? Well 90 days times for is one year, so 4 years in one year to be a bit of fun, no it really has a different meaning than that.

Since I became a member of Herbalife, then I have been through many trainings and heard this 90 day plan over and over. To me it has become like a ritual of some sort, although not. In early 2015 I attended a special leadersupported training online, and the host is a leader, she has since 1994 or something been one of the highest ranks of Herbalife, she kept talking about this 90 days. So after this attended meeting, I decided that a year for me was 90 days or 3 months, so July, August and September was going to be a year, then October, November and December is a year. I believe you get the point.


It really makes things seem differently once reevaluated.

Opening a business

After I have helped a friend with his business and still do that, I have gained more insight to what it means to open and run a business. That means I can grow my own in Herbalife, but that is not entirely the same. The difference you probably know is the rent and power or electricity, and the water etc. When having a business by the street, we have to pay at work and at home, so it double of almost everything. Do you think that is fair, to pay double? To some it sound logical and I can understand them because if we all went into network marketing, then there would be no businesses to walk to or sit by to enjoy something of tourism etc.

So when it comes to the market and to let people become aware of our product, I did after a long time, maybe seven years, realized that it takes more than just sitting back and expecting things to happen, because things just don’t happen and especially in business. In business we have to work at least until we have profit and can invest more into what we desire to make grow and have that moneyflow we desire so badly, but also we have to think of a spy to us and the ones that help us. The reason I mention spy, is because when making a sort of protection-system, we need to know eventually backdoor, or make ourselves secure in some way to get the greedy ones on a distance.

And then I love the word that is included in a prayer to make things happen, or to be exact, turn the invisible desire into a physical thing. Enthusiasm as my mentor clearly defines it, as being in touch with God, or the working Law of Universe, I am mentioning it to bring an understanding of what I mean.

When done

When I get a client started on Herbalife products I wait two days before I tell them they can purchase three sorts of pack, this one basic herbal package, is my way of making a thing simple and yet the client has to get the primary nutrients, to make it last for a certain amount of time. I see a basic pack as a necessary thing to get, of course the basic products to get started and to get to know what the client is getting into. Now I know you might question; but the trialpack, what about that? Then I say yes it is as a decision so you can taste it and feel a difference within 3 days, and I am sure you will.

An advanced line if that is chosen, is the basic line including some other essential products that gets results faster, I can mention now that there would be extra fibers, because I know our internal disposal has to be cleaned properly, that is what fibers are for. An advanced line I may change the name so it becomes maybe less dramatic, though I wanted to look away from the ordinary names of systems as others are using because I always strive to be creative and yet follow the system, because I share products, but I can choose what products I can include and not, it’s the freedom.

This expert line is just temporary as it would cost 400 dollars or so and that is because, the more products consumed, the more and faster result is there going to be. I am by this referring to the health of a client and as I do not want to rush any conclusions but I want to make it clear for the client and consumer, that we have remarkable products and we keep getting better.

Is medicine makeup

We eat medicine as candy today – https://tinyurl.com/q7murhr – unaware it is very harmful

Why do I ask this question, it is because I have a certain past to medicine, and I have asked myself about others symptoms and conditions. Do we use medicine as a makeup now? I believe so because symptoms is actually our body that says that it is not in a healthy vibrant state, and it needs rest etc. or food, and even water and not other forms of drink. What shows symptoms might be common for you as headache or back pain or anything that makes you feel pain of some sort.

We seek our doctor and in some very small cases a healthcoach, that I admit is a very rare case. The symptoms as we experience is of course signals and then it is put on an autopilot that we seek a doctor and the doctor the system provides or a selected doctor. That doctor is what we will see as a person that has a treatment and the cure to get our symptoms away, but that solution will not change the cause, because we are so inert attached to stress that we will do anything to get a quick fix by a treatment that we trust our doctor to provide, that means we actually put our health in another persons arms, though it should be our very own responsibility.

So when I last time sat with a doctor I had these expectancies that he or she would help me get those symptoms off from my body, I of course went to him or her to get the answer, but what I didn’t think of if he or she had the actual answer. When I forward or I pause and think of the system and ask you, the reader, what amount of answers do you believe a doctor can have for symptoms? Do you believe that the current doctors would really consider etc. holistic healing?

The canister minimum

In general the recommended daily allowance shows us we should consume a certain dose of vitamins and minerals per day, and that is fairly okay, I don’t see any trouble in that. Where my skepticism is rising is when people are following those numbers as if everything is okay, and no questions asked. I know by my studies that the numbers from RDA is like the minimum and not below that of amount so to speak. When I get acquire new clients in Herbalife I always point out that what the canister says is the absolutely minimum-dose or what the body needs as minimum and no less but always twice as much.

So when clients are informed I of course helping along the way to incorporate the new habit of consume. When clients and other people bump into me or I hear someone says, they have to go by the numbers, I first ask them where they have the information from and next is, that they can double or triple the dose with no doubt, and it seems like they accept the idea after I give them the 30 second why that is.

Don’t you find it is a bit weird like there is something bad of consequence? The reason I ask this question, is because I know the medical industry through healthcare-corporation, that to keep the money flow from medication go higher something needs to be in the right amount and have just on the border of effect to let people keep getting few symptoms of something, and that is like a doctor can have his or hers patients on a silver plate without even touching a finger. Yes it sounds like too good to be true, but I am being honest. Again, don’t you believe it is odd that it is this way?

The Herbalife testimonial

I have been with Herbalife since spring 2007 and I have been experiencing many things since then in the supplement industry, and I believe many more are to come. There is specific stories that enlighten me to share what others might want to share, as they might want to keep it a secret, so I was noticing a post and then I saw some that desired the removal of it, or they asked to limit it, why did they do it, I have a theory. The post was from a member that expressed a certain amount of joy from one of his or her clients, that had tried to be pregnant with her boyfriend for a long time without result, then after beginning the shakes every day, just two shakes per day, the changed all heaven I was about to say.

The post in the group, I should mention it was on Facebook and I was in that group but I believe I was kicked out or I left, either way I was interested but that story just stick with me. Then another member as I mentioned wrote in a comment, that we should be cautious about sharing our expression of the news, because to bring out stories like that might have great consequences, and right there I believe that stories of this grade could actually harm or do worse or better for a reputation.

What I can bring from this story and many others are incredible and I just have to share them. What I then desire is also to hear your side of this story and if you have used or tried Herbalife before then place a comment. How come stories are kept hidden as if they actually serve people good. Do you believe that stories and experiences from supplement companies should be shared no matter what, and should the customer by selfexperience, tell the story?

Chaos and order

This thing about chaos has a special view to it as it is linked to order. I first had the idea of defining chaos but then I decided to just describe how chaos can bring order etc. When we look at chaos then I can think of a newborn baby, or when someone is just getting established into a new room, could be an apartment, or office. I would actually take the idea of the company I work for, Herbalife. Their canister with shakemix as I have gotten really into has of course all nutrients labeled as rules are. I look at the nutrients and think of all those ingredients bring our body into order, so that is the first part, all nutrients comes from another order but are in chaos and is consumed by us, and brings our body into order.

Now this order we are moving into from all the chaos of vitamins and minerals, helps us move into more chaos. Yes it really does. You will notice through my explanation. You see this order to chaos thing is related and linked like any other opposites, and why I call it opposites is because without chaos we can’t make order, right? So going from order to chaos, helps us to make order. Take etc. my Herbalife shake. The shakemix helps me and you get better, to have more wealth to do more stuff, and those more stuff is like a new chaos we will guide ourselves into, this might sound off from any other explanation, but that is the point, we go from chaos to order and then chaos again, and on it goes.

How do you see all this chaos and order, I am most curious what you see as chaos and what you see as order, and can you relate to my post or do you need some extended knowledge as I would call it, because we all need repetition of info to get it to stick.


This is some fun reading to you as reader, because though I may expose the story I still find it a bit of fun. Always when I have started a new customer on the Herbalife nutritional shake, I have told them that in every individual there are always changes, and I can’t say exactly what changes and symptoms they might experience, I typically say they can experience some strengthened emotions on headache and pain in the sides etc. that is common when new nutrition is entering the bloodstream. It might worry people as I have a full understanding of, and I have made it clear that they will experience new things when started.

Okay, let’s get rolling shall we. My short-time friend, I call it that because we have known each other for less than a year now, and yet I have desired to help him with the health inside my knowledge because he was complaining about things inside him, and then I know he lives as I did over 10 years ago, and that lifestyle was not healthy. So when he got started few days ago, I said to him, that we would need to keep in contact in the beginning every day, and as questions will rise, we should call each other.

Once we have understand bad health – https://tinyurl.com/q7murhr – we can move towards good health again

I do anticipate whenever I help a new customer to begin with the shakes that they will meet challenges I just don’t run the scare-campaign and say like a doctor would say, you will get all these side effects. The only side effects I would say to my new customers would be headache and eventually some pain in the sides of your kidneys because they are going to filter all microgarbage from the blood and exclude it from the blood, so the pain is minimal though I would say I will anticipate but not expect much pain, but more vitality.

Debates on social media

I did actually make a promise to myself and an Herbalife member, that I and we should stay away from negative news and debates. Though the last few days when some friends I follow has been participating in debates on Facebook mostly, then I have by curiosity been scrolling through the comments and read few of them. when I then have been placing a comment I then have said to myself of the habit, that I made the promise or so to speak, made the commitment that we should not engage in any form of negative news.

Where I see my participation is if Herbalife was mentioned, and etc. a bad comment was put there, I would actually begin a conversation in private messages, especially on Facebook because I know and I do remember that I have been told and I understand not to create a storm of comments, that it is way better to be in a private chat because there is foundation for understanding, that is the main purpose. The other debates I wanted to mention has been about politics, I do though understanding why we should not engage in such a debate because if we do so, then we get the negative inside our head and the law of attraction states that, what we feel we will attract.

Luckily for me then the debates I have unintentionally been in, has been about people having a different view on things or being too judgmental and as I have been programmed for many years then I love to help people, it is a great passion of mine. What I then have incorporated as an almost habit is to leave the debate and hopefully get people to think, but I am convinced that many people or the majority is not ready to be awaken.

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