Grocery store

Doing a little search

My sister and I were shopping for groceries as we made it, or used all the time very efficiently in the shop. When we then went to pay for our stuff, finally and rolling my eyes, then right before that, then two women were also shopping and one of them, tried in rush to get to the cash register so she could pay for the last groceries. She tried to jump over some other stuff that were close, but couldn’t I then met her with my eyes and couldn’t help or avoid her, but to laugh with her in her attempt to get quicker access to the cash register.

I remember I was actually a bit in a feeling of wasting my time, or put in other words, I tried to come up with few ideas for blogging, which was succeeded at some point. When my sister was done or she was looking for something, I chatted a very tiny bit with the young woman who hurried to pay for her stuff, and the reason why I dared to smile a bit and initiate conversation, was that we had seen each other before, but never really commence a chat, so this was the point of purpose I guess.

When we all got to pay, including that young woman who seemed to forget few things, and desired to buy extras, we then met at their car and as I am a fast walker, then I was way ahead of my sister though I carried most, I like to train efficient. My sister was interrupted and I turned around and she looked at me, then I could see she had a small conversation going with the one that smoked, I went back to hear what was up, then we were offered a ride to the place we lived and that was luckily close to their home also. That was lucky I guess, and as Earl mentions, luck is when preparedness meet opportunity.

The prices in herbalife

New friends as customers and people I meet almost spontaneously I have my reasons for curiosity to know about people’s mental and physical health, I therefore ask them if they know the company Herbalife, I often hear a “no”. when I then speak very shortly about it and call it a nutritional supplement, then I can sense people being skeptic, then I ask if they have had a bad experience and maybe 2 out of 10 have had it. I then run a tiny interview on two minutes because my interest with their health is my first thing.

The next thing is they want to hear the price as they probably can hear I want them as customers, I am inclined to say yes, I want to sell, but I have another view of selling Herbalife supplements as I know what people might experience and are being prepared to almost defend the brand of Herbalife. So when the price range is being let out, the first thing I get from people, wow that is expensive, I then agree with them, and say yes it is expensive. But see it as an investment in your health, and it can last for a month, so it would be a monthly supply, so we would could reduce the serving price which is a normal range and even cheaper.

My education of the people when they hear the price I have improved very much. Before I was more, I tried not to scare people and express sympathy instead of explaining in short, why Herbalife has the specific price range. Explained to you is that, if you buy once a month etc. in a normal grocery store, then you would pay big time and lots of money to get a certain amount of food and drink home. Now in that case you could be in the habit of buying home maybe every second week or every week, because you have programmed as a habit to do it, and not once a month.

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