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Supergirl the premiere

Have you watched the episodes of Supergirl so far? If you have then I noticed the second in the beginning it looks a lot like series The Flash, I am not against it, but it is a kind of awkward start.

I have had Superman in my childhood, which means I have the interest in the flying and strength and speed and whatever we cannot do as human beings, I will focus on the first episode as I like to not give reader confusion.

If you don’t want to know my analysis of the show I suggest you stop reading, otherwise keep on.

I watch with skepticism on the show as I can see, look a likes from various TV shows, that is like detectiveshows and superheroshows, I like to refer to Smallville as it ran for 10 seasons and continued as far as I know for a couple of seasons but as comics.

To bring attention to Supergirl, then she has taken on the cape, but not from the beginning, though she knows she already have powers and want to expose them, but is stopped by an “overprotective” earthly sister, in Smallville Clark discovers he has the abilities.

The opening of this show is very fast, as she asks people for services and exposes her to her colleagues, one as her cousin’s friend and the other is a close colleague.

When tuning into the first fight as the enemy was trapped in the phantom zone, or Fort Rox as it is named in this series, weird to be honest. Well he is like most other enemies, trying to bring our hero, Supergirl down, but he does not manage it, as Supergirl has this earplug as Barry in The Flash has, she just communicate via the plug and solution is there. I do wonder where we are going with this.

I know earlier in 2015 the premiere was leaked and in great quality, which I was surprised to read about, I saw the episode back then and I was thinking, was that really the start? And why and who did release it?


Credit goes to kryptonsite


Recap and next season of Flash

The recap is the right word to use, because when watching the trailer for the upcoming season of The Flash, then I don’t look in the details the very first time, though I strive to do it, my focus is on the action part. The real deal is to see what might come up, and a taste of what is coming. I heard that Cisco Ramon apparently under the particle accelerator got “infected” too and got some ability of his own. The entire recap is cool and it is more looked at as a bridge between two seasons as I had expected, because who remembers and who ever watched season one have might forgotten half, unless they have watched repeats in the U.S.

One major change though that went on in season one was Harrison Wells was exposed at first, then Eddie Thawne committed suicide in order to eliminate the reverse Flash and it happened more as a sacrifice and a chock to Iris West and Joe West. The reason for the scene at the end or the beginning of the end, was reverse flash, which by the way named Eobard Thawne, were known that he was actually the great-grandson of Eddie Thawne. So by Eddie making him losing his life then makes the coming generations disappear, and the fun error that would have occurred is, that though Iris West should have been the one if so to carry the child, then Eobard holds the color of his caucasian heritage, that seemed then to be intact as the first season had been written about The Flash’ AI computer he created in the future said.

So what the next season that runs from October sixth, I believe would focus more on Cisco exploring his newly found ability and about the new professor that learns and guides Barry Allen as Flash. I say the further exploration of upspeed tempo. So let us see what is up next.

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