As said, enemies

In a Gotham episode, the penguin, which I believe we see very much to has his ways of defining things, just like, Lex did in Smallville, and to be precise, it was in the Smallville series finale he said it; we are only as great as our heroes. This quote was also mentioned or something like it in the Red Hood episode of Gotham, only the penguin said, our enemies defines us. To be at it again, then I have the bow and arrow in my mind, so that to shoot off the arrow and how far it goes, only depends on how well we stretch the bow, the same is with the enemies.

The more evil our enemies are, the more huge we become, that is if we go by that philosophy of everything to have an opposite. If we would take the philosophy, which is actually quite true, we could compare ourselves to others to get a relativity of how big or how small we are compared to how big we can be. The theory of tightening the bow to shoot off an arrow would be the same theory. I remember it clearly from the Smallville series finale that Lex says very clear to Clark, that we are only as big as our enemies are big, or something like that.

Looking at opposites, then it could be the same as a vortex, a tornado, okay to make it simple then we have to force a minus in nature to get a bigger plus, there we have our tornado, the effect of a tornado as the enemy of cities, something has to be started from somewhere otherwise we can’t get that beautiful spin from a tornado. It is the same with summer and winter, in the north and south region rain falls as snow etc. and is most people’s enemy when they are heading for work. So as said, the bigger enemy, the bigger hero.

Cobblepot and Gotham

I saw the latest episode of Gotham, besides the title, that everyone has a Cobblepot. I went through the whole episode before I could actually determine why the episode was named “Everyone has a Cobblepot”. The fun thing in the episode, is people keep hiding things like suppressed experiences that could be insanity developed from a death etc., if one is not talking with someone through and they are hurt, they will actually express a certain new obsession to hide the actual memory. They could also develop mental instability and when someone mentions a simple word then the memory is triggered and the person goes haywire.

Why does everyone has something to hide, well, some likes to keep things private, and I also know we all think in secret, we can’t but not think in secret. The episode in Gotham makes it a sort of the storyline to have things suppressed or only some of the things, but especially in this episode and I love the title after I discovered why it was called “Everyone has a cobblepot”. When I am out walking and I don’t make use of intuition to read my circumstances, or to observe, I do not notice any people, but I do the goal-seeking thing. On the other hand if I practice to stay strong and become better at the intuitive, I focus on people and with a lot of attention, and it doesn’t matter if I get their attention or not.

When the aware person gets to a point where they just can’t avoid reading people, they become more sensitive to receive various emitted feelings from people, that I could imagine would be frightening, and I have an idea what to do, to get to that point. You know the author James Allen, he wrote the book, “As A Man Thinketh”, in that book there is a chapter called Serenity, and when attention is put into that, then with every day that passes by, you will become aware of not only others, but also yourself at the same time, you should read it.

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