Gotham City

Gotham and Mr. Freeze

The awareness that go with a strong desire, explaining a man pleasing a woman, or better yet, to win a woman’s heart.

I noticed when watching and catching up on my series Gotham, that the commencement of the character Mr. Freeze and the story of him freezing people or the gun he carries around.

When bad people get in the way, or he tries to escape with an explanation, he draws out the gun and are thinking a bit about what to do, just like threatening someone if they come closer, but why does he do that?

What we do for love, for the one we have chosen as a partner. In the man’s situation, he will fight to protect her in every way, for the women I cannot place it right as I am male and not properly into psychology, though I would say that the woman would show him love and support, so he kind of breaks down.

Not literally, but becomes more soft and has the heart calmed down.

What we do to protect each other is phenomenal, I do have one I have chosen to give, support and protect, and not chosen by looks, but by personality and attitude.

To me it is a rare case of findings in this world.

This story written into the stories of Gotham, just shows that the nature still exists no matter where we go and we do things by love, desire, enthusiasm, and something else is actually hidden, I am talking about sexual transmutation, that thing is about letting an idea transform from nothing to reality, but that is in another post.

I like that Mr. Freeze and his way of experimenting, because he uses people for test, no matter the price, of course it is both good and bad, so I can’t say he is doing the right thing.

Man of steel could be jealous

I never thought I would be writing this but jealousy has a big impact in our lives and it is fairly negative.

When thinking and becoming emotionally involved with it, it does not feel great at all, it is certainly destructive, I can sign to that because I have felt it, I can still at some point provoke the feeling of it and I have figured out why.

But I won’t go into that, I will talk about the movie Batman Vs Superman, because I believe though not certain that it has a role of jealousy.

As it will get worse via this year’s blockbuster, Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice, the man of steel will entertain jealousy or some sort of anger, thought I have then learned via trailers and interviews and small clips, that Batman and Superman will be driven by a third-party lie.

Though it would be anger or jealousy, it almost does not matter, because both emotions are negative and destructive.

They are placed in the script in the movie to create the drama and the uprising partnership between the two.

I mention jealousy because Wonder Woman will be introduced, I am not sure when and in what scene, though I guess it will be when Lex Luthor has introduced his monster, then Wonder Woman will appear.

I would love to read the script, so that I can create the movie inside my head on my own, but I am not allowed to, and I believe many others feel the same way as I do.

The reason why I mention jealousy is when Bruce Wayne at his reception or one of his parties, he gets a physical romance with Diana Prince as the alter ego Wonder Woman.

I hope I am wrong, but if I am right, then it is going to be a bad fight between the two.

Miss mooney and her way

You might wonder why I do so much research on the specific show Gotham, well I can tell you it’s about a corrupt system and a cop that are working to expose it or take it down, it’s James Gordon, the future ally with Batman, though we might not see it in the show or perhaps Bruce Wayne is going to be recast. Anyway I am touching on this Miss Mooney and her character because in every situation she enters, she wins the faith of the top, and that is no matter who she talks to. She can negotiate the way to the top, or so her character was written that way.

This episode of “Everyone has a Cobblepot” the doctor she wanted to meet is very open to be like forgiving her, and then she is shown around and some few experiments are shown before her and to her surprise and our ridiculous, it’s of course pretty obvious it’s not real, but it really tells the story or what goes on and could go on behind the psychiatry’s walls. The scene where the doctor expressed and tells Miss Mooney that why he trusts her, and walks toward a window I try to see in the pattern they look through, if there is anything hidden, “me an conspiracies”.

He tells her very quiet, Miss Mooney, let me show you why I trust you so much, and the window is coming in more focus, and we start to see it from the outside, then it is exposed her face of expression and then we see why she has that surprised and chocked expression, the hospital or psychiatric hotel is like Alcatraz, it’s on the middle of an Island. I think before that scene I told myself why the episode was called everyone has a Cobblepot, because everyone has something to hide, maybe even me.

As said, enemies

In a Gotham episode, the penguin, which I believe we see very much to has his ways of defining things, just like, Lex did in Smallville, and to be precise, it was in the Smallville series finale he said it; we are only as great as our heroes. This quote was also mentioned or something like it in the Red Hood episode of Gotham, only the penguin said, our enemies defines us. To be at it again, then I have the bow and arrow in my mind, so that to shoot off the arrow and how far it goes, only depends on how well we stretch the bow, the same is with the enemies.

The more evil our enemies are, the more huge we become, that is if we go by that philosophy of everything to have an opposite. If we would take the philosophy, which is actually quite true, we could compare ourselves to others to get a relativity of how big or how small we are compared to how big we can be. The theory of tightening the bow to shoot off an arrow would be the same theory. I remember it clearly from the Smallville series finale that Lex says very clear to Clark, that we are only as big as our enemies are big, or something like that.

Looking at opposites, then it could be the same as a vortex, a tornado, okay to make it simple then we have to force a minus in nature to get a bigger plus, there we have our tornado, the effect of a tornado as the enemy of cities, something has to be started from somewhere otherwise we can’t get that beautiful spin from a tornado. It is the same with summer and winter, in the north and south region rain falls as snow etc. and is most people’s enemy when they are heading for work. So as said, the bigger enemy, the bigger hero.

Cobblepot and Gotham

I saw the latest episode of Gotham, besides the title, that everyone has a Cobblepot. I went through the whole episode before I could actually determine why the episode was named “Everyone has a Cobblepot”. The fun thing in the episode, is people keep hiding things like suppressed experiences that could be insanity developed from a death etc., if one is not talking with someone through and they are hurt, they will actually express a certain new obsession to hide the actual memory. They could also develop mental instability and when someone mentions a simple word then the memory is triggered and the person goes haywire.

Why does everyone has something to hide, well, some likes to keep things private, and I also know we all think in secret, we can’t but not think in secret. The episode in Gotham makes it a sort of the storyline to have things suppressed or only some of the things, but especially in this episode and I love the title after I discovered why it was called “Everyone has a cobblepot”. When I am out walking and I don’t make use of intuition to read my circumstances, or to observe, I do not notice any people, but I do the goal-seeking thing. On the other hand if I practice to stay strong and become better at the intuitive, I focus on people and with a lot of attention, and it doesn’t matter if I get their attention or not.

When the aware person gets to a point where they just can’t avoid reading people, they become more sensitive to receive various emitted feelings from people, that I could imagine would be frightening, and I have an idea what to do, to get to that point. You know the author James Allen, he wrote the book, “As A Man Thinketh”, in that book there is a chapter called Serenity, and when attention is put into that, then with every day that passes by, you will become aware of not only others, but also yourself at the same time, you should read it.

Mask in Gotham

The episode of Gotham TV series this time was about the red hood, and when I read the analytics they were kind of like; how many masks. Bruce Wayne didn’t see the mask, but only James Gordon and his corrupt partner did. Masks are a form of ego and I noticed as critics didn’t but probably meant was the ego that turns people around is when they take on a mask of some sort, it happens to anyone, the mask or hood is metaphorically speaking and means we can hide the person we don’t like and we can show the person we want, but according to the world of psychiatry, the mask is behind many diagnoses.

We see some joking in the beginning about the red hood and I thought the red hood was some kind of a superhero unshootable etc. but I was wrong, instead the hood indicated an alter ego as we might see in the future of Gotham, we should hold in mind the series is actually about James Gordon before we even knew Batman, so I believe I should be focusing on that. The hood in the episode should have been taken like a hero, that is also one of my views, because the first robbery we see then the person who wears the mask, takes the money and draws attention by throwing up money for the people in the street.

Then we are going for the Robin Hood category as he stole from the rich and gave to the poor, I somehow agree with that, but not all way when I start to think, and I mean think. One thing there is to take from the rich and give to the poor, but their mindset won’t change at all, so I am convinced to mention it, that Robin Hood was created from revenge, envy, maybe resentment, so that is really what it stands for. The hood is to make people feel convinced they can act another way, an alter ego.

Penguin’s takeover of the fish club

Episode of the scarecrow, I have the word scarecrow from Smallville back in 2002 when that aired, and now also in Gotham. I see it in every television show, whether it is grand prix, or live show from something. Okay this is where people should be asking question of what I mean. Well I can say that shows are either in blue light or red light, I assume there is a bell ringing. I want to go to the Gotham episode and just relate some things from there, but I want to keep the focus on various theories as they can help bring awareness.

In this scarecrow episode fish Mooney is taken down or gone into exile and lands somewhere unknown, I believe it’s sewers or something. Changing to fish mooney’s club and that we know it is bathed in red light, as in red light district, penguin has taken over and it is his great night, when we see the club is changed to blue light. Two factors by that is the color blue shines a very powerful message to people around, and the other is in politics as there are only two wings as in red and blue side, just like red equals republicans and blue equals democrats. Ring any bell? I hope there is.

I like the episode in few ways, the scarecrow is also the finish of a sick man who works to eliminate fear from his life, and as I assume then he uses his son as experiment. My focus is on the club as they decide to change from red to blue and not red to white well-lighted club or maybe even a green light, well that signals other things. Notice your favorite reality show or live show, that is in either blue light or red light, or both. Well never see a show in white light, but only in red or blue.

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