The garden seeds

What does it mean when saying seeds for production?

To me it is our garden-mind.

If I imagine a clean newly put garden with only grass, or even only dirt, I know and you know we can put anything in that ground and the chosen seeds will grow, once put into the dirt.

When we take the opposite and put in nothing, then the moist of the dirt will produce weeds, and will in time have to put down and that actually takes more effort than planting seeds.

Nurturing is crucial and essential to our so-called garden, so if we do not nurture our garden, we will get weeds. Nurturing is like working hard to please the area we desire to see growing.

To me it is an art, though in real it is about knowing the game of nature.

So when planting and before that it is a clever thing to actually plan what the desired outcome will be.

Nutrition for the garden has to be the positive and to be worked diligently on, because if it happens that we lack the nourishment that way, the weeds will come.

The statement I came up with when thinking of this was; in blooming the habit of production.

It means when we have sown the seed and covered with dirt we get the chance to witness the process that follows either flower, bushes, vegetables and possible fruit.

I would say the fruit of the work put in.

The mentality is described also this way by many people, I can mention few as Marianne Williamson, Bob Proctor, Earl Nightingale, Carl Benz, though I always welcome people to make their own research so to later use, add more knowledge.

Mentality is the important part because everything that is outside of us, is created from within, that I know from longterm study.

My garden 1

I refer this to as my conscious mind, the part of my mind that have the ability to think or reason, I am that type that always are looking into things with a very analytical mindset. When I first got started in knowing this, or actually before I got to know it, I had no clue why I was getting the things I got into my life, and I didn’t even ask why. I can say that today it is pretty obvious why I get things into my everyday life now. My garden is my description of how I see things and almost in what order.

The fertile soil or I say start at the top so I would not even confuse myself, which means, like going around with a camera and creating a new – above the ground atmosphere. I do start with my childhood home as a reference because the grass was always green and my dad always tried or kept in moderation. Imagining I am only watching through the camera lens because that makes a black background, so what I see through the lens is the creation of the garden. The other view is seeing myself filming what I see through the lens. If you have a good imagination and perception, then you can play as me with the scene.

The garden has plain ground, so in my imagination I am with the camera filming and creating what I want, like dirt some places and green grass other places. Then I see my job as to be a creator as I write and direct, okay it sounds like a film set but I prefer to see it as something that comes forward like out of nothing, it is the creative part of energy in our mind. My garden is what I make of it, it has to contain flowers and some trees etc. is has to have bushes with fruits, and some places I will have to place seeds, more is yet to come as it is my garden.

New addition as desired

“To get desires processed – – we need a mastermind”.

I am in a members only group with my colleagues from Herbalife, a lot of masterminding or opinion-sharing I might add. At one point earlier in January 2015, a President’s Team member, which is a high level in Herbalife, uploaded a picture of a new product, which totally turned me on, a new fiber-product. I then within few minutes decided to expose the importance of fibers compared to proteins, as I see a lot of people post and talk about their view of protein, then I from that point, desire to help change people’s view, I decided to do something about my great knowledge of health.

I adopted the idea of the fiberproduct being the kind of like the completion of our Formula 1 shake as it consumed by maybe 100 million and more people every day, and if all these people have two or three shakes per day, then we’re topping consumption with above 300 million shakes per day maybe. In real life that is not much, and I can’t give you the exact number. But this Apple-fiber consists of 6 different fibers from various plants and one plant I didn’t knew was added and it almost didn’t surprise me. The 6 is: apple, wheat, corn, lemon, Christmas-salat and soy, all of these a bit new to me therefore I am studying them, but I am still sure what has been in the process to the Apple-fiber product.

The future of it seems bright, and I am pretty judgmental when I say that because it has just launched February 2015, I can see more additions coming. I know that the scientific advisory board are always evaluating formulas, with the purpose of making things better in any way. So when I saw that they included fibers from six different plants I was actually overwhelmed, and ready to go for it, and I started to share the product with few people, though I desire everyone should be adding it to their food and drink.

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