The awareness that go with a strong desire, explaining a man pleasing a woman, or better yet, to win a woman’s heart.

I noticed when watching and catching up on my series Gotham, that the commencement of the character Mr. Freeze and the story of him freezing people or the gun he carries around.

When bad people get in the way, or he tries to escape with an explanation, he draws out the gun and are thinking a bit about what to do, just like threatening someone if they come closer, but why does he do that?

What we do for love, for the one we have chosen as a partner. In the man’s situation, he will fight to protect her in every way, for the women I cannot place it right as I am male and not properly into psychology, though I would say that the woman would show him love and support, so he kind of breaks down.

Not literally, but becomes more soft and has the heart calmed down.

What we do to protect each other is phenomenal, I do have one I have chosen to give, support and protect, and not chosen by looks, but by personality and attitude.

To me it is a rare case of findings in this world.

This story written into the stories of Gotham, just shows that the nature still exists no matter where we go and we do things by love, desire, enthusiasm, and something else is actually hidden, I am talking about sexual transmutation, that thing is about letting an idea transform from nothing to reality, but that is in another post.

I like that Mr. Freeze and his way of experimenting, because he uses people for test, no matter the price, of course it is both good and bad, so I can’t say he is doing the right thing.