Cellphone and single

How often do we check our cellphone? We do it too often yes.

We can answer to that it is very often yes, in that case, those who have a phone do, and I know most people do, and I know some who decline a phone and stick to their stationary line.

You know social media has really made its impact in our lives, and maybe too well I must say. We have the so-called liberty to choose from whatever we want, and the more choices we can have, the less decisive we become leaders of others and ourselves.

To be leaders of ourselves is the most important part I can see and have yet discovered – on my own that is. I have been naturally encouraged to be analytical.

How often do we hold our cellphone in our hand or hands?

We do that generally all the time, unless we sleep of course. Well some do actually fall asleep with their cellphone in their hand, depressing huh, or addicting. Though if we do have a pocket, we will put it there, and when it beeps, we answer it because if we do not answer it, we believe and expect people to be angry with us, but is that all true?

Yes, it is on autopilot. We put expectations to ourselves to be of service to others though we do not etc get paid, though it is a different story

This cellphone-technology is programmed deductively, which means we do not have to ask questions and just accept, we are taught to be quiet.

Okay, compare these questions to your relationship-status.

Are you single or with no best friend? Do you have many friends that are visited so to speak?

The questions I am asking myself are the same I have put up here, because if we do not do that, we will never be great in asking questions.

Environment and you

What is it about the environment and what we do?

I can answer in so many ways, but the simple though toughest explanations are called; results of mind. I mean that by looking at our mental muscles or faculties that we have when we enter this world, we have them for life.

We are habitual creatures so to speak. We are used to be where we are so when we have to move or feel like we have to do it for others we rarely do, we won’t do it unless we see value of it.

When we humans go from the cold freezing weather, where we are packed in warm clothes, we desire and do our best to imagine a life in the warmth at a beach or in a house I mean it could be anywhere, but, howcome this does not work most of the time? Because we are locked into the current environment and when we are convinced that it is cold and our feelings are stimulated including our eyes and nose, we tend to impress ourselves that it is the environment that really controls us.

Turn it around and begin to move focus to your own self as it is our reasoning mind that determines what goes on in our body.

The environment in the warm instead of the cold is the preferred for people who have been taught to hate the cold weather, though it is the perception of it that needs to be regulated into that it is good no matter what.

I share the experience myself as I always have had a certain hate for the cold weather, I then came across a daily online program that helped me in fixing the idea that the cold weather is bad.

It turned the whole thing into good things.

The Spanish excitement 2

I did after I got the awareness of grammatical writings, the bending of words and to place them in almost correct order. That is essential to etc. describe a thing. To know them is as said essential because when referring to a chair or a house on the road, we need to know a specific house, or if we like to sit by the window in a cafe or something like it. We also need to be aware of it, when we refer to a city of something or streets in an area. A noun can of course be very important and once we get the understanding of it, we will apply it right away.

Verbs as we know them, is the action that describes something, like running, to climb. I believe you get the picture. The importance of them is just as nouns. I have recently and actually always asked myself, if it was a right thing to do to write them down, then learn them by bending them in a way. I think it would be too big a thing, then I have later decided to jot down words starting with a, then b, then c, and so on, even some nouns could be verbs in some cases.

Going for the additions in sentences, is other words as we know and use but do not think of them, the adjectives, and those are hard to spot if grammatical skill is not properly developed. I myself do not think of them when I write a text which I work on to change as I am writing every day on stories and manuscripts. The importance of them is the addition to the nouns and verbs and some other names for words as I have saved in my browser for study for later use.

The XY factor awareness

To know this factor to be the x and y, I have to say x is the so far unknown factor or the current resident factor in us. The y factor is the new and improved idea that is being accepted or rejected. This post also touches the word anxiety and growth.

My mentor Bob Proctor, as I have gone back into to study of, because I believe I have fallen a bit behind from my coaching I had in the period from 2012 through 2013. I then have had the state of mind where I had to see what I could do to pull myself up again, to be fully functional again and to get going for my goals, and one of them is to sell. The current factor you shall perceive as the x factor, which is the unknown and the factor that current reside in you. Let me take you through the process of replace the y with the x. The x as told is the current habits you have, you can probably write a list with 50 or 100 habits, I can. Let us say you have a good walking distance to your mall, so when shopping you take your car because you want to make it quicker. One morning you get the idea of going all the way to the mall and carry it home with you. Though you are playing with the idea, you do not feel comfortable by walking that far, then you go to the car, you open the door, you step into the car and put on your seatbelt, then you turn the key but the car won’t start, it coughs, then at first you are considering it to be temporary, then you try again, and get the same result, it coughs, then you check the gas and the battery if something is wrong, or you might do that few times before you get annoyed.

The point of the y factor is to accept a new idea, then place it where the x is standing guard, and the x won’t move at any cost, the x is also the paradigm, where all habits are resident.

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