There are a various of products to improve the health, when you are a customer in Herbalife, and I can nod to that. After the release of the fiber product with soluble and insoluble fibers and the six ones included, I got a fresh new view of fibers, which I have decided to look more into, the tweet from David Heber still sits in me. I have the chance very soon to buy home a great deal of it, as I get some courage to help friends and new people gaining better health, because that is my goal, the vision is health in every home, just like Mark Hughes had it.

What I did discover about fibers is they are cleaning us inside, so to speak. They would clean our duodenum, jejunum and ileum, in that order, and from above all, our small intestines, I should mention for further curiosity that the duodenum has four parts to it, as I have discovered recently and not only three as I have seen or been told. Well, we keep getting wiser. The different fibers as newly added in Herbalife’s fiber-product, apple-fiber, I bet is essential part of the digestion, has specific functions and I bet more is coming into add.

I have yet to taste it because the I have waiting for orders from customers to save a bit money on my order, but it has actually been the wrong thing because Herbalife’s ordersystem is designed a way that everyone get’s paid, I have checked that out myself. To the fibers then I believe all plants have fibers, or it’s the meat of the plant, I have learned that from when I juice various vegetables. The apple-fiber is of course not the only product that cleanses our intestines, but also this supplement to the flagship product Formula 1 which contains some herbs for some support I haven’t figured out yet but will.

“The art is to grab the handle, open the door – – and get fully inside”.