Mary Kay Ash 1918-2001

“Everyone wants to be appreciated. – https://tinyurl.com/pc5mowe – So if you appreciate someone, don’t keep it a secret”.

This quote comes very close to me as I sometimes have a hard time doing it, well it’s not that hard to go to someone and say; you know what, you’re really awesome. But sometimes it can scare people really well, and they will look at one like it’s a retard speaking to them, that is not the purpose. The quote goes into the emotion of impression of increase, and I can promise you I am into coaching myself about leaving people with an impression of an increase. Another thing is to appreciate things or people or both, we should never hesitate to express it, but we should do it a way, so we can explain in few words why we appreciate people, well in my case I can become very obsessed with people so I give them too much attention, and that can be considered too demanding for people. When I put attention to things they almost become very real, understood that way, that I desire to make things complete, though everything will remain incomplete, you can call me a perfectionist but that’s a bit over the top.

When I appreciate things and people, I can say it, but not to many people. I do on occasion keep it a secret because it is stored in my sub-conscious as a paradigm, and that needs to be changed. Why do we all keep it a secret that we want to appreciate people? Why do we try to express things we fear etc. rejection, we go to a person, and yet fear stops us, the thing I want to point out is that, people both you and I loves to be appreciated, and we love it till our paradigm says it’s enough, but if we get used to it then there has to be a huge portion of appreciation to feed us, and yet, just a small word can do it.


I don’t know if you have heard of this before, but it was a subject when I was in a hospital few days ago, then the patient I was visiting we were talking about blood and I brought up things like acidity and alkaline just in Danish that is. I was beginning to explain if the blood clots, and what way it is affecting the health further. The more acid the blood is, no matter where in the body, then if that little clot breaks loose, and entering the heart, then we have a heart failure, then I began to explain the alkaline way.

With every beat of our heart newly oxygenated blood is sent out through veins. That newly, fresh, rich in oxygen and nitrogen blood, which gets the air supply from the lungs, will transfer it into the heart, and pump it out in the blood circulation, and produce new fresh blood to mention it, if we have enough red blood-cells, then oxygen can stick and hang on to hemoglobin, a blood-protein as far as I know, and supply the rest of the veins in the body with oxygen, and including the brain. I will underline that to have oxygen in the blood is vitally important and more important than anything else.

The ozone-therapy is understood that way that oxygenrich blood is put into the patient, and at the same time the old very acid blood is taken out and should be ready for cleansing. What happens is that the patient will experience to be gradually more awake, more energized and ready to do things the hard way, the blood as Dr. Leonard Coldwell explained it, the blood becomes almost pink, and it is a kind of legal doping, because the oxygen becomes so high a level that within a day or two, the patient can be ready to rock and roll, of course as long as there are vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats in the blood. It minimizes so many dis-eases that it would be banned  as it already is.

Creation side

I have on a wall at home two papers that illustrates the way to creation, and the opposite called disintegration. When I look at them almost every day I have a habit of tendency to look more at the fear and anxiety place, I would catch myself doing that, then I quickly turn over to the creation side of attitude, that is where faith becomes the wellbeing and turns into acceleration. Where my study comes in is the repetition of the creation side because, if I or you are not in that direction, we are in the opposite direction.

After then discovering my habit of leaning to the fear side and the actual reason why I have studied so much is because I desired to know how people I bump into or just everyone to practice my intuition. I then use my conscious attention to sense how much in fear they are, then, to kind of give them the hint that what they actually express much of their time, my habit is then changing to a small-talker or a tiny conversation to make people feel heard instead of exposing them to their fear which would be entering their comfort zone, and that zone is only going to change if someone can speak to their feelings and being news that can lift them and bring value.


The first part and process of the creation side, is the question for understanding or just understanding of things as they are, and better yet, the understanding of oneself, also known as the quote, “know thyself”. I have experienced it takes a lot of time not to ask the environment, but to turn the questions inside for own education and self-discovery. Once we do that, we will be able see some other value that we did not see before we started.

Bob and his Anxiety

I liked when Bob Proctor expressed in a call that he wants to meet anxiety every day. I was actually stunned to hear him say it. At first I was thinking, why would he do that and, right after I started to ask myself; what can I do to meet anxiety every day as millions get psychotropic drugs. I want to be a mentor for people as Bob is, I actually want to outgrow him in any way possible, and that means I have to get to that point where I become a goal-seeker, and also to that point where I do not worry what other people are worrying about.

I often get Bob Proctor in my mind as I like his attitude when we are in a call, whether it be the six minutes to success or his streaming club which I am not in right now, but will return soon. Now that we know he wants to meet his anxiety and I know why, because he knows it changes his vibration which is feelings, and it also sets up a habit to change a lot and makes it easy, and sort of comfortable. I could see where this would go as I study him and his programs a lot.


I guess he would gladly repeat in a call or in a chat, that he would do almost anything to meet an anxiety to show people what he means instead of always talk about it. I don’t know what he would do, but after all he is seeking the border every day, therefore he must be in a some kind of habit of wanting to change. So finishing up I would add as an advice when you meet Bob in a call, he is very intuitious if there is a word like that, I assume not but now I have invented it.

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