This concept of understanding things the way they are, I have a friend who has posted few things on her Facebook. An understandascope, funny word huh. Let me put you into the universe. Why do we need to take a step back to get an understanding? I see it as when we are so caught up in the subject at hand, we become enslaved by certain things, and that is metaphorically spoken. The understandascope is when I look into this lens to see from far away where I am to really understand the world I am a part of. Then why that word?

When I imagine me standing there on a hill and looking through a telescope to see the small things in a bigger perspective, I think then of it to understand something from a smaller perspective, it is like I look through a microscope to see the details of something that really has disturbs me. When I focus on the city I see, then all the people walking around, they are goofing around, they take the cityrail, they use the busses, they live their everyday life. Then it sometimes hurt me when the sight through the lens, and people can’t see I am looking.

My understanding is this story is the combination of the understanding through a telescope, that would be obvious to the creative mind, I’m not talking down, but to give a view of why I have to step out to really understand this world I am looking into. I got this from a friend’s picture and I would give her the credit, though she might not see this, it was her take on the understandascope. I thought it was a pretty well designed name and she has come up with many others. she has as me a very alive imagination, though we train to get it under control.