Last place to let go

“Everthing has a beginning – – as everything has an end”.

We know it if we stop and give it a thought to why we are becoming emotionally attached to something or someone. Many people including myself do feel comfortable with things of course, and when we stick to things, then it is generally harder to let go. Our mind has the greatest role in this perspective. Why is it that we have a hard time letting go, I mean some people are great in letting go while others can be a little more decisive and some last part really are struggling to keep things close to themselves and not want to let go.

The mutual thing is our mind, and to speak more precisely it is our subconscious mind. All what we learn is stored there for both to serve and to protect us, and even to keep evolving as in progress, you see everything is moving and nothing is resting, as both Earl Nightingale has said and my mentor, I think he got it from Earl and others, Bob he states that, we live in an ocean of motion, and when we come to the great understanding of that principle, then we will start to let go of what is holding us back in order for us to become successful.

I even remember Arnold Schwarzenegger say, the last one to give up is the mind, and he is right, I have even tried to play with the mind to meet him and I was very very close, I recorded it on my phone that day. There is really a lot to share on the mind but as always sometimes simple to explain, other times, very difficult and the solution for that as Bob Proctor mentions in his coaching-calls; we have understood a certain thing when we can get another one to understand what we have said about that thing.

Bob and his Anxiety

I liked when Bob Proctor expressed in a call that he wants to meet anxiety every day. I was actually stunned to hear him say it. At first I was thinking, why would he do that and, right after I started to ask myself; what can I do to meet anxiety every day as millions get psychotropic drugs. I want to be a mentor for people as Bob is, I actually want to outgrow him in any way possible, and that means I have to get to that point where I become a goal-seeker, and also to that point where I do not worry what other people are worrying about.

I often get Bob Proctor in my mind as I like his attitude when we are in a call, whether it be the six minutes to success or his streaming club which I am not in right now, but will return soon. Now that we know he wants to meet his anxiety and I know why, because he knows it changes his vibration which is feelings, and it also sets up a habit to change a lot and makes it easy, and sort of comfortable. I could see where this would go as I study him and his programs a lot.

I guess he would gladly repeat in a call or in a chat, that he would do almost anything to meet an anxiety to show people what he means instead of always talk about it. I don’t know what he would do, but after all he is seeking the border every day, therefore he must be in a some kind of habit of wanting to change. So finishing up I would add as an advice when you meet Bob in a call, he is very intuitious if there is a word like that, I assume not but now I have invented it.

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