English language

The word of Medi

This is absolutely not my favorite of things to have as intake, and it has a background story as everything else. I will share the story in other blogs. Medication to me is a kind of poison, it is chemicals collected and named from a selection of letters of the international alphabet in English. And as we have 28 letters then it gives an industry great opportunity to play with, and though it is mostly same chemicals, then the fastest and most profitable solution is to acquire a new name, ergo a selection of letters from our alphabet in selection of order.

I found a mutual thing about medication and mediocre as the biggest amount of people are the mediocre and are almost eating medication as candy today, and that is because mainstream media is dong commercials for it. To mention mediocre, then it is like putting a blue stamp in people and say, you belong to the mediocre and that is in my opinion wrong, because those people who do the stamp are looking down on people and then calling them mediocre. It is not very nice. The other thing about mediocre is the split that is coming up, because we are supposed to have the bosses or leaders at the top and the workers at the bottom, that is by design.

How does this set of radio and video transmitting in our homes takes place? Well, I can say that in the beginning of the earliest television and radio broadcasting, then I can imagine how easy it would be to hold people in front of a screen or a radio receiver. Today it is much worse, media is everywhere and are good at programming, and with line of resolutions on our tools to make us accept various things that are in reality, ridiculous and serve no actual purpose for us, but is sent to us anyway. So what is your opinion on this medi-thing, if you can come up with more on medi-words, then place them in comments as we can get wiser.

Languages alike

“If we can learn one language, then we can learn them all”.

I don’t know if you have seen this, but as I am from Scandinavia and I know Danish, Swedish and Norwegian looks similar, I have then also been checking some eastern countries and western countries to see how much they match, how they change but still have some common things.I have commenced and some languages are about to stay stuck as I want them to be. A friend told me that French and Spanish looked alike, I then paused for some time and asked myself; how much can they be similar, not that much if I listen to what they say and how they say it, then they are far off.

The written language is more to be seen as the thing in common, because I also learn Turkish, yes I am learning three or four languages at once, it is possible I know.SoI decided to search YouTube for teachers or better yet I would copy what people learn in a school, but in exchange I want to learn at my speed and with the help of another, which I can sense is a success. One of the reason for me to learn at a rapid speed is because of business as I do not speak very much Spanish and if a person from spain would talk to me or have an internal conversation, I wouldn’t understand a thing, maybe very few words if I listened.

The fun thing I have learned that is very much different from the Danish is that, the spoken language in my case, Danish is turned around, the spoken language, but the written is just a bit far from what I am learning. When I had the grammatical in place in my native language, it became clear to me how easy it actually is to learn a new or just to add a language to the ones already learned.

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