Attraction on and off

The reason that many people are wandering around and at times with me as witness, they complain, then wonder why they get the same thing again and again. They have etc. heard about Attraction, they often respond; I know that everything can fall to the ground when we let go on things physically. But what they are not aware of is that the attraction also works on feelings, they are not educated in that, so when they at some times are happy they stay that way for a short time.

When all people flock like birds or other animals, they do that in some degree and then more are entering, but that only happens to a certain point where tiny new groups begin to form and that already happens if we should go into details, when we are 10 or more. When I look at small circles of influence and the way they work, they keep the group small and have time to express ideas, just like a mastermind group. At a point when all have shared, or let out what they had on mind, one by one they begin to drop out and when that happens, then it means the attraction in that specific group decreases and stops until next time.

So if you are in that situation that you find it hard to believe that this is fact, then I can assure you, yes you reader, that this Law of Attraction is working on play all day long, even at night if you are awake. If you have questions about this attraction, I think you should be welcomed to leave a comment and maybe a question, because what we know, we can know more about. What is your opinion? What can you relate to in your everyday life?

The attention

I’m walking every single day, that is not a surprise for most people, but the thing I am very aware of, and when I meet the situations I sometimes get a laugh, and other times I just want to strike, you know what I mean, like hit hard or yell out, what the hell are you doing, follow the rules like everyone else. Problem is, I myself break the rules every day and I do it consciously because I ask myself few questions inside my mind before doing the task. I believe we all have certain ways to ask for attention and I know when people do it, they remind me of small psychopaths, rough said.

Well, the motivation for this one lies in some young boys on my walk across a field, where people actually are supposed to walk, but the boys were like, riding their bikes in between me and another, though I sensed one of them was trying to avoid it, though the two or the one in lead was really trying to get the attention as I mentioned. I then have reached the point where I no longer interfere with them as being like a parent or a policeman to judge them, to stop them and say, you are breaking the rules, get back to the road, because if I did that, they would make me a ridicule or yell at me maybe 10 meters away while they are rolling away.

The thing I know about attention is that, we have this little brain in the back of our head called a reptile-brain, that is the brain we have had since we started walking around, that is the goal-seeking brain, the other regions of our big brain contains the limbic system and neocortex, which is the regions that control our feelings, like fitting in, in social gatherings “anxiety”, and then the neocortex. What inspires me much is the attention-seeking and the thrill of being in that adrenaline state of mind. That is where I was heading with the post.

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