Neville and I and Father

“It is like christmas – https://tinyurl.com/phbbre5 – discovery of the father in the son”.

His article or writing puts a brand new view of beliefs in me. I can thank him for that, though his physical being is not here, his soul might still fly around. Well, I can point out that everyone have their own beliefs. So what turned me on or motivated me to write this was the “Seek The Kingdom” writing. He refers to the Father and the I, are the same. Though I am certainly not a Christian or religious that way, and I know by that because when I take trips of walking and hear the sound of bells from churches, I get a little annoyed because no one actually knows why churches are designed the way they are. I have a friend who knows a lot about it.

I amness is a special title so to speak, I see it as something I point at and saying, I am, but what am I, are we speaking spiritually or what exactly do the I refer to? In my view my I is me, it is my selfdiscovery of I am something, it is the value I have not yet found but it is something I discover, okay it sounds a bit religious, but I can say that the I Am is what I look at is far different from your understanding, or I would say the interpretation of the I. I is me, it is like I look at me from a second view. In our world some would see it as a disturbing factor because it refers to something called what Neville says, the father.

The father as he describes is the God or as the same person or view as the I Am. The Father and the I Amness is the same according to him, I believe I know why he mention the Father that way, is because of the discovery of who or what we really are. The more we seek the Father the more we shall become him, or Mother as her, I believe Neville refers to the Father because we have belief in him from Christianity etc.


A lie becomes the truth when it is told enough times – https://tinyurl.com/pqdfvgw – just try it“.

I often say to people I meet and the ones I know that repetition is very important, it is among two of the important ways to incorporate any new learning besides an emotional impact. I was educated for that thing of repetition and when I did undergo that, I first did not understand why repetition was so important, and not even the emotional impact. So let us stick with the repetition so we do not get confused, how many times did our mom and dad tell us to tie our shoes? How often did they say; wash your hands before dinner etc. just these few has been incorporated by repetition.

It has been the understanding of sudden impression that we had to do something in order to learn it, but first if we understood it. There are of course the two ways of understanding. So the word is kind of the mutual entrance for both repetition and also the emotional, but it is the mutual of the both I refer to here. When I was educated to that I got the a-aha experience as everyone does, and my mentor said it is not something that lightens our day, but it is something inside ourselves we discover, and that took me a great time to see.

So when reading the text and you are thinking, what was that, then I can say, read it again, and typically now that there are approximately 300 words, it takes maybe 5 minutes. What I want to read is your position and opinion about this topic of understanding, because many people do not prioritize such things as they are too caught up in making things faster though it is merely an understanding to the application that happens automatic, so if you have any questions regarding it, just fill in the comments below.

My garden 2

As I am hovering and getting image of covering my garden and the top of it as my conscious side of mind, I will then begin to dig so that I can get a look at the ground beneath to see what condition it is in and this is where the actual impression comes in. I start to take my shovel and dig the first hole to the ground, now why would I do that? It is because I have an impression in myself that I need to dig deeper so that I can sow some seeds for a beautiful tree, some flowers and some vegetables maybe.

In the process of me digging for the gold, the fresh dirt then I know there is a hidden world beneath what I can see and as I dig more I get more curious, at the same time I am discovering that it is possible to change the patterns that are already in the ground. I can begin to see what I have to change when I dig, though it may be disturbing and alarming for my subconscious mind, but the deep beneath in the dirt where my seeds are going is where they will shoot roots, the get into land where they can grow.

Sowing the seeds that I have chosen specifically is the same as our thinking, and those seeds has been planted for a reason etc. let’s say, I want to grow some strawberries, then they will go into my subconscious as some of the healthy choices. The thing I am impressing myself with is among sacrifices etc. so I have dug into some other habits I want to eliminate therefore, I am changing one habit for another. My garden current is filled with few weeds that has no place there, but still has a purpose, and that purpose needs to be eliminated for others to take their place, that takes work.

Mind duality 2 emotion

I am at this point where I am wanting to get out of my depressive state of mind, so I sit here with this beginning war inside my head as I want to eliminate. The riddle of, what should I do, what can I do and very importantly, what should I do. Through this beginning of this seminar am beginning to think of that drawing of those two circles and their meaning, this might become a new purpose to me. The introduction of the picture begins its acceptance by most people.

I tell my mind to get into the emotional stage as it is its purpose to go into my subconscious mind as it is passing through because of this repetitive information. The mind is roaring around the table and takes a trip through the room as I get tons of signals, then doing the pass out. I am really impressing the mind now, I am somewhere else than the room, I can’t figure it out just yet, but I am in this twilight zone kind of thing where my mind takes this trip, I would call it a very quick mental sleep. Well going into the other passage where I am trying to wake myself up from this state I don’t know of.

Coming out from my sort of coma or quick sleep, I am going further with the discovering of the purpose I have yet to discover. This puts me in a question that I want to seek an answer for and why this state of mind that suddenly burst out, it is this kind of camera looking from the top of me, going round in circles with just me in the focus. The mentality-change and change in view of confusion that I see myself listening to, but I know that in all chaos there is an order.

Deeper meeting

Today’s meeting as I am not going into as of private info etc. to be directly then it’s training for Herbalife members, and I have not intended to record or anything from the meeting, it is just in my memory for further use. This went on from Los Angeles as there is a President’s Teams summit. If you don’t know what that means, then it is the newest information through speeches by the top leaders, then some recognition of the ones who really make it big, I am actually playing with an idea after our call, and I do process information as I make this mental movie of the call as I on purpose is being deductive.

Now this deductive thing is something aware people know about, what and why. When participating in a call of training with information, that can lift people to a higher awareness and meet anxiety. The aware person listens very carefully to what is being said and are consciously entertaining the idea of impressing the subconscious mind, that means to become emotional with an idea, or get the feeling of to be inside the idea or live it. deductive is in real just accepting things as they are but doing it consciously, short example would be that people on the streets are very deductive, but they are that unconsciously.

The emotional impact it had on me still reside in me few hours later and I like that very much, I am convinced I have it this way is because I had my heartbeat up and running because I actually desired to share something, but I skipped it as I could search information elsewhere, and once I get the chance to talk, I just talk and talk, and almost taking over the show, so in this case I rather sit tight, get my mental muscles working and get into the vibe of becoming a great marketer via social media.

Walking pass

On the way to my friend’s danceshop, I almost can’t avoid walking pass a McDonald’s, if I would avoid it I would take a huge shortcut, just to avoid it. I have walked by it so often now that I begin to talk a bit what tiny value they have, I want to mention a specific offer they have that I have seen, I don’t know if it all around, but in the specific one, they have a breakfast between 7am and 10am because that’s ideal time for most people to eat breakfast, later than that, it would be lunch or brunch.

The description of it as I see on the very big commercial, is a big bun as it has been open to show what’s in the bun, then there is a very well-designed piece of ham, and a very well-designed piece of cheese. I am then starting to think about the ham, how is it produced and then the animal that has sacrificed it’s life or the truth is, that it went through mistreatment and slaughter, just to look good for you. Then we go to the cheese, I am convinced since there is absolutely no nutrition in McDonald’s, not even in their salads, the cheese is from another animal’s breast, a cow or goat or whatever animal has given their milk to production, has been fed something.

Okay this is a nasty post, but once we go behind the scenes on certain shops and restaurants we see the world that is created by economy the bad way to increase moneyflow on all levels, but the point is, humans consume what they do not know from McDonald’s, and I believe people have a right to know, because it is their health. My own health and others health means very much to me. To conclude especially offers from fast food restaurants, I think you should skip them and start to plan one day ahead or one week ahead, just to care for your health.

Writing of program

I do good in progressing a coaching program as a friend from Bangladesh is helping me out, because he also likes the potential for helping people. We previously had a so-called member on board, or known as the third wheel, but I won’t go in that. What’s important to me is the progress and adaptation of learning others what etc. anxiety is, what to do to overcome it and better yet, what it actually is. The programs him and me are developing won’t be the exact same every time, on the other hand as I learned from when I was in coaching, that new things will emerge when I get studied more and more.

The programs that are being created from my own thinking and at some time it will be mostly about anxiety and the opposite. Where my friend comes in is that he also loves to study it, though he would only assist me and it will be very fine, because it is my vision that I run a sort of interactive, I would go for that a period of time until I get a feedback, but I wouldn’t start with it because, it would disturb the real coaching, as I know people likes to look at things that move, etc. a drama series or a movie.

The writing of it takes a great deal of time. What really matters is the information given and in the right order, so I would have to get to know etc, PowerPoint as a presentation method, and to add, this post is like behind the scenes but, this is to give lights to what coaching is like one on one. To actually coach someone interactive is to make people sit in front of their screen, well, it is their own choice of course to be there, though I bet even though a coach that has the participants to leave the session, never heard of it, but he or she would still sit there to coach, and record it to be smart.

We think in pictures

The title is obvious for many people and it first came to me as awareness in certainty very much later in life. As psychologists and mentor’s as coaches says, we think in pictures, they are not far from wrong, as it is correct, but what is it exactly we think of when we think in pictures. When I started my coaching and that was a good long time after I entered the six minutes to success daily program, then I decided to learn all the six mental tools we have, I kept repeating them to myself, though what I wasn’t aware of how to exactly impress them on my subconscious mind.

I did sometimes get annoyed at myself because I strongly desired to learn them all, and like have them in the back of my neck for when people where asking me about some advice etc. I would use it for a benefit so I created a sort of purpose with the access to my memory, and I wasn’t aware of to train then myself back then. What I started to do was to imagine unaware what I would do to explain myself how they worked, if etc. a thought comes from Reason, and imagination would create a film on big screen, and hold the film on the big screen with the will, such kind of way.

Later on when I really learned to think, and got the understanding, that’s where Bob Proctor has explained, we will understand things explained when we can get someone else to understand it. This all made sort of sense so to speak, began to practice my imagination to create images and play with these images, now if I told someone from the psychiatric world about this, I would be locked up, and medicated to I no longer breathe, harsh to say, but true.

“From childhood we have been impressed by something – https://tinyurl.com/pc5mowe – but it all began thousands years ago in caves”.

Think and grow rich

This is the title of Napoleon Hill’s book, which he did spent 20 years of writing, and what has come out of it? a lot of wealth. My mentor is a very passionate and what I know about right now is that, he is the current, and what I have heard until now, he has studied it the most. He has the habit to say he is reading it every day, and I do actually understand him because I have been in books with an alike meaning. I have read the book myself, in Danish that is, but I haven’t read it so that I would impress myself, and that is the big key.

The impression of things has to occur to change our subconscious mind that is either by positive or negative impression, because it is emotional, like a chock or a surprise, the emotional impact that really changes things in us. The chapter that impressed me more than others or to be exact, two chapters, was the first of a story about this guy who wanted so deeply or this great desire to work as a partner with Andrew Carnegie, and if I remember correctly then he or Napoleon Hill stated, to be sure there is one way and forward is to burn all bridges behind, when I read I was thinking; what if I did that to my past. What would happen to me mentally, would I break down?

The other chapter on self-suggestion, I remember I read it in the train and the bus. On the way out and the way home from work. I actually miss that time, but it’s over. I read and started to think about the self-suggestion chapter once I came across one word after another. I then realized, if I would take one word at a time, picture it myself as a film etc. what would it do to impact me if I did what it said. Then I can now say to you that, the self-suggestion came clear to me that I would take charge over my senses and would have self-control over my five senses. That is enormous.

“To get or give impression – https://tinyurl.com/pc5mowe – we have to impress ourselves first through thinking”.

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