Better sorry than safe

Yes it is educational better to be sorry than safe.

Why do I say this?

Because people are always looking for comfort, they do not look for education, or evolvement.

Yes, the statement is sad, because if we do not look for something in life that can make us grow mentally, then we are tiptoe through life and hope we make it safely to our death.

I have the quote from my mentor, which probably have adopted the quote from his mentor and coach.

Why exactly is it better to be sorry than safe, despite others or the majority is overheard in conversation saying; it is better to be safe than sorry.

If people are to be sorry instead of safe, then the explanations of telling how sorry one is, and that takes up too much time because, I know in our present daily habits, we are used to be so much short on our heads, that I wonder; when will it stop?

I can say with absolute certainty that, safety comes in a new way when going for the sorry, every time. The barrier that holds us back, it is a lie between our ears that needs serious adjustment.

The current comfort zone has been placed there after birth when learning things, so that means it is possible to expand that zone even further, but, anxiety is to be confronted.

In that way, the sorry is crucial, because we can impose ourselves an actual new lie, that becomes the truth in time.

To be sorry for something is like seeking failure that is the process of growing, to fail is to be going towards a goal and running into failure, okay, that does not mean you literally have to seek it consciously, though only be aware that failure has to be there, I read that in the book by Price Pritcett, You squared.

Six minutes the benchmark

“Based on the structure, then you will love this when …”

Going into new kinds of ways to self-educate and I mean educate, value of it has fallen in the majority and only belongs to the few now. Okay I do not mean education is only the few, but where I live and probably many other countries, schools is about teaching people to fit a system and not explore potential, in that case that was my generation.

Today we see, of course new technology and the finest pieces of work of getting new information, which means, it is all access via smartphones and tablets and smart-tv’s.

Fast-forward to today then everything is made up in time, and to the fastest as possible, so if there are some that fall out of category, then they are sent off or like tightened up so they will learn, I see that kind of forcing people in a certain direction.

My title regarding benchmark is because we value time a lot today, I know because when I shop for grocery, the shop I am currently in, they almost hurry to lock the door when the time hits the hour etc.

That is the value today.

What other value I see as a benchmark is where I get my daily shot of motivation to keep on searching for new ways, so when I hear people that are doing small complaints, I make it clear to them as I do with me, that Proctor Gallagher Institute has daily education as a workshop – this is where I see the value.

A couple of minutes when waking up, then while enjoying the start of the day, the coffee, the breakfast, listening while in shower, I mean it could be anything, because the Six Minute program has value that people will be thankful for when they get really inside and watches what is being presented.

Glengarry Glen Ross

I have seen the movie one more time and as I do the game, I am analyzing why the movie has its title. When I first saw the movie, it was only a clip and it was when Alec Baldwin has entered the scene and is giving a sales-training speech to the real estate people. The term “always” is the process which I studied first, as always is a never-ending process or always in motion etc. in the salesman’s mind always is a way to direct the customer to the goal and have an agreement take its place. Always be directing to a signature on the dotted line, that is what he teaches, but I look at the speech-process, so whenever I meet someone I sense have the time, I have the “always” in mind.

Salesmen has always been through an education – – and that is neverending“.

The Be word are almost too simple to give an explanation, but it describes something we do, you know the verb. Why I chose it to place it here, is because in the sales-training Alec Baldwin gives those real estate people is priceless, and associated with that I recall the motivational speeches in Wolf of Wall Street, as being the two movies in sales I like the most, there are others, but these two are the most. The Be that describes the action of closing is to me God-given, not that I support this kind, but it goes into art of selling.

Closing is then the decisive action as most people are scared of, or what they as fast as possible run away from, some people even like to be challenged in closing like myself, mostly because I listen very much to people when spoken to, and I love to challenge people. When I close sales as I don’t do often but I do, I see it as my own training to be more convincing before myself, I listen like third person. The closing part is always the decisive part. I want to hear what you believe to be your closing line. What is your opinion of closing sales? How often do you close sales? And Do you even when close to a close, run away in your mind if you know what I mean?

Education is overlooked

I remembered this Sunday to tune into one of my favorite stations in radio, called radio liberty. To make a quick sum up of what I listened to, then it was an acquaintance, who was behind the microphone and informing on milk this time, yes we are talking about the milk we buy from grocery store, which is actually from an animal, typically it’s from a cow, so she talked and talked and I listened. The radio station is about informing people and not for entertainment, though it is very entertaining to listen to, then I practice my imagination, perception and the will comes by itself.

So where I go into this education that is really overlooked is, because if we go into a public classroom today, then we see tablets, I think we see electronic whiteboards or big screens for the teacher to show information on, and then less writing tools, why is that? I mean we are here to learn and to pass on knowledge, that is part of a purpose, okay, that could be it but we discover our purpose actually. Education is derived from a word called educe, that is what my mentors always tell me, so I have listened and learned, and when I explain it to people, then many do understand me and the rest just shakes their heads. Their problem not mine.

Education is really overlooked, and I am convinced it is overlooked because, the control that we by nature wants. If someone don’t have the control, then they feel lost, and the system today is about control, so whatever is put into our heads should stay there, or that is the vision to create something near robotics. Now if I look far into the future as a freemason, this could might be true and not. What is important is that education is something we discover from inside via questions for study, and I can mention the word study many times.

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