Have you ever heard of him? Well I know virtually his whole story and yet far from it. Jordan Belfort has pitched me few times or I would rather say, he has taught me to see things of sales a new way.

To put it in other words, he made things extreme rather than doing only a new program to fit into my subconscious side of mind, well also many others, I will mix it a bit with Stella Adler‘s teachings in her book or from her book, Art of Acting.

I was inspired to study him first of all, because his attitude and I saw the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. When I had seen the movie few times I then set up the question, who was this Jordan in real, because the personality Leonardo showed, was this greedy and still fun and at times uncontrollable maniac, that I could laugh at and still learn some things from my own past.

Jordan has developed this key sales-program that actually teaches people to close a sale, to benefit clients and customers and to leave them with value.

The sales program has some specific key elements that can lead people to buy what they actually need, and with the help of the salesman, and I am not joking here, I am working with it myself.

The program he created named The Straight Line Persuasion, analyzes a sales from the very first initiation of potential prospect, through qualifying and looping and closing with the benefit of leaving a person with an impression of value.

You see, we all make sales every single day, we sell to ourselves though we are not consciously aware of it, when we ask a civilized person or an authority for guidance, we make a sale. This is where most people tell themselves, I am not a salesperson, so they isolate themselves and do not cross the barrier of mixing with life. That is another story.

The program he created focuses on the actual close, and when moving in that direction, he puts a lot of energy in helping people from where they are in a company etc. to where they want to be, but actual having the client say yes.