The only success

The cause of success lies in the collaboration between man and woman.

I have studied the various reasons why men do not have success, or for that matter, reach success or becoming successful in their lives.

Recently in the christian year 2016, I have become more aware that why and how people in general become success and becoming unsuccessful. It is the same as we want the warm weather but stuck in the cold, yes we are either stuck or constant in circulation.

To bring up the circulation, then I know that the only constant is change, so by being stuck in the cold of success, is like being in the cold weather and being envious of the warm weather and the people in it.

Opposites are essential for things to grow, so to bring that into a picture that we can work with, we can imagine both hot and cold join hands, which will bring temperature to a level between or what we call the zero temperature, now that is harmony.

The explanation of the balance by my mentor is when he and his CEO explaining opposites and relatives, I can understand it my own way and explain it my own way, but to bring others explanation to the scene is difficult, because that is their perception of it.



Specifically in the book by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich, there is a chapter about transmutation of sexuality.

I want to point out that in this case it is nothing by having sex between a man and woman, but by transmuting a desire from our conscious mind to the universal mind. Between those two parts of the mind, the word love would come in, again, the male part is conscious and the female part is the subconscious.

Therefore men and women need each other to become a success, like cold and warm level out, so why in the world are we so obsessed to have equal sexuality, men with men and women with women?

Wouldn’t you make an adaption

The real purpose of a program I discovered through the trilogy Matrix as when Neo and the Oracle have this conversation about things having a purpose and when a program etc. cease to have the purpose, it might fled or hang on to the system as long as possible, it has adapted too much. She mentions that when a program has ceased to live by purpose, it gets deleted, and I thought of that after few times seen, it goes back to where it came from, now I see that partly as humans do the same in a shorter or longer lifespan, so as long as the purpose of the program is there with its functions, then it won’t be deleted.

Before a program gets deleted, I can mention windows as I and probably also you use as operating system, it get’s updates all the time, and why is that? It is because someone out there tries to hack the system, or they want to find weaknesses before a hacker does. Though a modification can also be an extra feature, or a correction, I mean there are many sorts of modifications, and the ones I mentioned was just the ones I know of as of this moment.

I often go to that state of mind where I take Richard Buckminster Fuller’s quote interesting; we should never fight with an existing model, we have to build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. That is what I also say to many when I sense they feel stuck or need some quick advice for further development, and to help them start to think. I know it takes time to adapt to a brand new idea but it will happen if we keep a persistent desire. The adaption, in what way do you see yourself to adapt to systems etc? And have you ever tried to see if you could adapt via forcing maybe?

Planet align

Our sun as you know send us light and not only us but very far and to be considered as a star. I then just have one question, why have we named it the sun? That answer I leave to the science and the ones who came up with it. As I have seen and as you know or don’t know, then our sun is also rotating, it is like the center in our solar system. The sun itself also circulates around in our galaxy that spins. if you didn’t knew that then now you know, and I have had the knowledge through others.

Our planet as we call Earth, and that is by optical observation we call it that, though I call it a planet. So our planet spins like our sun and I know by just mentioning that I get all kinds of theories of how things work, but let me skip that and head to the actual topic. Whenever we see our sun and we see it every day, then during daytime we can be VERY lucky to have a glimpse of Mercury, if is even possible from our planet. I know for that matter that we can see Venus from here as it is big enough to spot on the sky but only through daytime.

If we turn these theories of our planets, Sun, Earth and Venus and we stand at the northern hemisphere and looking up, then I believe we can see the plane of the planets as the rotate our the sun. This is hard to describe in few words but I will try. The way we see our planets then they align, they are on the same level, don’t you think? I mean if I stand in Denmark where I am at, then look south and look up depending the season, won’t you have to look a bit up or higher to see the level of our planets?

House and garden

I often miss after I have lived three times in a house, or houses actually, that was childhood, before education and then with a friend. I can see myself living in a house and to be specific I believe I miss living in my childhood home.Who does not miss that, I mean, no matter the circumstances. When I take a spiritual trip in this house, I walk slowly and with a voice in my head saying, this is good, life is passing by and summertime has heated up the environment, this is where I step out in the garden.

That soft breeze of air, all alone with some fresh water running in circulations, makes me think of a calm moment of springtime and early summer, the garden where life actually is. The mental trip is having a blast of calmness as I search for new ways in designing landscape. It is an inception of inspiration of what could be. The smell of early morning and just me around.Arousal in the brain for new things. The garden I always dream about on physical level, is still trapped inside the mind, because what the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

“Sow the seed and cultivate the soil”.

I have then always in some way wondered our it is more likely programmed into me from childhood,that living in a house was it. I remember when I first moved into an apartment that was after my parents divorced, that was kind of good idea, but longer story. When I grew up in a house it felt more me, no one upstairs or downstairs, it was only people who lived next door.what my point is, is that I relived a house-experience when I moved to Sweden, then I thought of the idea of living for the rest of life in a house, depending on the girlfriend and culture.

The liftoff trinity 2 impression

“Systems are made to create order, so we actually can avoid a mess”.

Our manager in chief walks in, this is where I can like the rest, show impression or just keep doing our thing we can and were hired to. I get this scene from when the general in Man of Steel walks in and asks about the unknown’s arrival. The big screen is showing us the rocket standing by, waiting for orders from the computer, alongside the weather around in few miles apart from the rocket. To view it as a backside camera or facing towards the front panel then, weather forecast is on the right, the rocket is on the left and in the middle, there is a tiny bigger screen than the two others.

Right now I don’t know where the communication comes from, whether it is inside me or the room, I have this confusion I have impressed myself with for some reason, stressful event. But I know it is not going to last forever, it is only until launch and a bit after. I wonder if it is natural to get these emotions. Flying around my own head for a minute or two which I already know I have to be on guard if any communication comes through, anyway we are four people on my shift with two working side by side, otherwise it would be boring as hell.

So I take this small wandering inside, to take a look what is going on in the mind, I am impressing myself to this liftoff.Then putting up the questions, why did I say yes to this, and why did I choose to sit here, well the answers are there, but I should wake up and get back to work because it is here in this room I will be needed, that’s self-realization to say that. To make the greatest impression that should be in me and not others, because they will see eventually.

Mary Kay Ash 1918-2001

“Everyone wants to be appreciated. – – So if you appreciate someone, don’t keep it a secret”.

This quote comes very close to me as I sometimes have a hard time doing it, well it’s not that hard to go to someone and say; you know what, you’re really awesome. But sometimes it can scare people really well, and they will look at one like it’s a retard speaking to them, that is not the purpose. The quote goes into the emotion of impression of increase, and I can promise you I am into coaching myself about leaving people with an impression of an increase. Another thing is to appreciate things or people or both, we should never hesitate to express it, but we should do it a way, so we can explain in few words why we appreciate people, well in my case I can become very obsessed with people so I give them too much attention, and that can be considered too demanding for people. When I put attention to things they almost become very real, understood that way, that I desire to make things complete, though everything will remain incomplete, you can call me a perfectionist but that’s a bit over the top.

When I appreciate things and people, I can say it, but not to many people. I do on occasion keep it a secret because it is stored in my sub-conscious as a paradigm, and that needs to be changed. Why do we all keep it a secret that we want to appreciate people? Why do we try to express things we fear etc. rejection, we go to a person, and yet fear stops us, the thing I want to point out is that, people both you and I loves to be appreciated, and we love it till our paradigm says it’s enough, but if we get used to it then there has to be a huge portion of appreciation to feed us, and yet, just a small word can do it.

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