The near death

“Anticipation will rarely lead to disappointment – https://tinyurl.com/pqdfvgw – expectation will lead to the disappointment”.

This sounds like a heart-wrenching experience as I am talking about a near death thing here. No, what I am referring to is first of all a story told by my mentor from the program “Into Your Genius”. He explains it so the one who listens will get an image in their mind to work with, which is also the purpose of course. What purpose for me it has is that, I get to use my imagination, reason and perception, in other words, my intellect. The story is of a humming-bee that is so determined to fly through a window, but of course as you have witnessed yourself, it can’t, but it tries and tries all the time, until it gives up.

I am sort of amused by the story which comes from the book by Price Pritchett: You2 or You Squared. When I saw a video of one reading from the chapter, I got more into it to imagine what it would be like to actually read the book, I then ordered it with an advanced decision, and that advanced decision can be explained by, I had already made my decision to read and study the book. The story of the humming-bee is only the I-want-it feeling, a kind of decisive desperation. The book holds much value as it learned my mentor in the past to think in a direction besides reasoning and monitor the reasoning. We also have to direct the reason somewhere and exploit our potential to create from our intellect.

Before I will get the book home, which will make this blog-post older when you read it probably, I would have begun to study it and read it through a couple of times. The reason for that is when we read something again or repeated times, and discover something new, we don’t see by that something new in that book, no, we see something in ourselves that wasn’t there before, I heard that from Proctor Gallagher Institute, and they are right.

Two banks

I have had this experience before, about having two accounts in one bank, that is years ago. When I that it was based on a wish to have a business account next to a private account and to support the bank, and with my own perception, to differ between private and public. It didn’t go well, so I believe I closed the two accounts and opened a new account in a new bank, it was an experience about having Herbalife going into one account and my monthly paycheck on the other account, and in some way, the account went into minus and then things happened that I didn’t had foreseen, they just rearranged the money for their benefit without contact me first.

This time I have done it with something else in mind. I have my original bank the one I opened, I believe it was right before I lived in Sweden, and now I have opened a new account, one for pay by some worker and a new account elsewhere specifically for Herbalife. it might sound a bit off the hook, so I think that I will in time skip one of the accounts and keep just one, or I can continue my goal as to have two accounts, one for Herbalife and one for pay-check from work when I get such thing, well I do have work, just not that high paid.

I am starting to be convinced to have the two accounts so that all incomes would go into one account and still have Herbalife for the other, therefore as I said to a lovely woman in the phone that on the newly opened account I have planned that there can’t get a minus as it only is for income, I didn’t mention my business but I have promised myself not to make other orders from that account that what comes in from customers.

Mary Kay Ash 1918-2001

“Everyone wants to be appreciated. – https://tinyurl.com/pc5mowe – So if you appreciate someone, don’t keep it a secret”.

This quote comes very close to me as I sometimes have a hard time doing it, well it’s not that hard to go to someone and say; you know what, you’re really awesome. But sometimes it can scare people really well, and they will look at one like it’s a retard speaking to them, that is not the purpose. The quote goes into the emotion of impression of increase, and I can promise you I am into coaching myself about leaving people with an impression of an increase. Another thing is to appreciate things or people or both, we should never hesitate to express it, but we should do it a way, so we can explain in few words why we appreciate people, well in my case I can become very obsessed with people so I give them too much attention, and that can be considered too demanding for people. When I put attention to things they almost become very real, understood that way, that I desire to make things complete, though everything will remain incomplete, you can call me a perfectionist but that’s a bit over the top.

When I appreciate things and people, I can say it, but not to many people. I do on occasion keep it a secret because it is stored in my sub-conscious as a paradigm, and that needs to be changed. Why do we all keep it a secret that we want to appreciate people? Why do we try to express things we fear etc. rejection, we go to a person, and yet fear stops us, the thing I want to point out is that, people both you and I loves to be appreciated, and we love it till our paradigm says it’s enough, but if we get used to it then there has to be a huge portion of appreciation to feed us, and yet, just a small word can do it.

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