My brief call

Yes it was a brief call I had, and that was with my friend from Dubai, she’s awesome I tell ya. The call was a little spontaneous because we had some differences in time, as she is three hours in front of me, and I believe she meant to have the call the selected time at my time, but it was her time, so when I was heading home and suddenly I got this message that she was ready to do a call, I was not. The spontaneous part was then arranged a bit better as we decided to select a time and day as we have the different time in zones.

As always, I love to share things, but certain things will be kept hidden. The very brief thing about it was, that it turned a bit over to becoming a small coaching call, I kept having an idea spread over two areas, both Dubai and France, oh make that three because I like the idea of going to Turkey also, but I am convinced we will be planning to go to France, after I have stayed a while in Dubai because my marketing is not yet approved in Dubai, so that makes it a bit complicated.

We agreed that the next time we will have a bit more time and as I saw this call to be a very brief one, as I had to attend a meeting which was at the borderline to attend almost at the minute. This brief call also led to various other information, to me I think like a TV show, everything can lead to a spinoff, and there has to be something to continue with, that is according to the creation-mode in our mind, to practice it and to make it stronger. So until next time I can think of what to talk about and not in brief moments as we actually have to get to know each other more.

What if a bank was as back then

I often among my facebookfriends, those who believe that they are activists, they post often about banks being corrupt, or the government actually, and that money is a bad thing that politicians should not get or deserve. I then put myself in that position, what is a bank today compared to 50 years ago? Is capitalism really that bad? In my view no. I compare it to a monopoly game, where we start of with certain amount of capital, we can buy cheap properties, win money and earn them by working and just playing the game, that is where money has their role. As capital in civilized society.

I have never liked money, but also I have never had that much money between my hands. My childhood where I was quite deductive when it came to do things, then I just followed orders, I wasn’t told like many others, you have to earn money, like selling attitude or expressing I want money for a service, I had always been told, get a job when you become grown up, I did that. So going for the bank I take an old Danish television show called, ironically; monopoly. The series is about some very poor people, or some working people whom just go by. Then there is the wealthy ones, those who have their liberty to do what they want, and the capital to do what they desire. I see the role of a bank here.

Money was back then created for circulation and is an exchange of service, the Earl Nightingale recordings on money and leadership explains what and why money is important, and I have untill this day had those Facebook friends perception of money, so I am charging money from people who I have rendered a service. The bank back then was to obtain money from the public so that people wouldn’t use or could get someone else to manage their paychecks they would get from their chief. I believe if we rewind time to the 1930’s, there were etc. no loans I guess, so the bank could not really earn money on the public interest. Today you see loans all around and you are actually being programmed through commercials and other media to invest in loans, so the bank today has via media no real effort in earning money.

“Money is just used in negotiation of service”.

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