Have you seen the documentary Hungry For Change? It is about living the way we do and take a good look at our lifestyle and others also. What we do is we go shop automatic and barely doing any thinking of what we are buying, that documentary gives a lot of meaning to someone whom might be hungry for a change in mental attitude, and the way life is lived and a potential change in lifestyle.

I believe there are only two or three people who are interviewed who expresses; it is made to look good, to make us eat it, drink it and have a hunger for certain products, with other words, things we go shop for a made to look good, just go into your supermarket and do not use any money, just take a look and go out again, you might notice it. When I take a look behind the scenes, and how a shop or supermarket now they get their stuff to sell from a distributor, I give it a bit of thinking about if the distributor even know or at all are aware of what is done to make the grocery sell, almost by itself. I do not think they do.

I can take a brief thing about my own company Herbalife or Eqology, Eqology is in the Nordic countries so I will not be doing any commercial. Herbalife is also made to look good. Their canisters have a design people would say; wow that is nice, then it is the taste. Okay here is where everyone are sold to, the groceries are made to stimulate our senses so we would say; yes give me that. And when we decide after our senses are stimulated then we will get the money to buy that certain thing. It is a psychological thing and that is why I recommend the documentary; Hungry For Change.