Discounts are natural now

Sales and offers, are they healthy?

To me they are not, but only to profit more people, to attract more people, that is as I am about to say, healthy in the business world.

In the human development world so to speak, then it is psychological not very healthy, what I mean by it is that we are helped to believe in small numbers, it is linked together with poverty and we do not see it.

Poverty is everyone’s fear, I also fear poverty, but then we can ponder about why we should be kept in fear of poverty, though let us stick with discounts.

The word discount and when we hyphenate the word we get dis-count, we get some service or typically a product that are actually not counted in the market, which means by my conviction, it is free of charge, and that has a consequence.

It is impregnated in our mind, in our subconscious or in our habit-area of our mind.

Let me go a bit further into it, because it has a significance to it there is so much overlooked.

In our local shops when we purchase goods, and every food and drink, we now have the habit of looking for some low prices since we are told to save some money and not spend it all.

It puzzles me that people do not consider even once, in doing some healthy shopping a foodlist for the day or for the week, we shop to our needs for covering the health just barely.

But this is a dilemma because according to the wealthiest people in the world, they have food and beverage as the first and the clothing, second.

Do wealthy people look for discounts? Well I will leave that up for discussion in the comments below to get some clarified.

Environment and you

What is it about the environment and what we do?

I can answer in so many ways, but the simple though toughest explanations are called; results of mind. I mean that by looking at our mental muscles or faculties that we have when we enter this world, we have them for life.

We are habitual creatures so to speak. We are used to be where we are so when we have to move or feel like we have to do it for others we rarely do, we won’t do it unless we see value of it.

When we humans go from the cold freezing weather, where we are packed in warm clothes, we desire and do our best to imagine a life in the warmth at a beach or in a house I mean it could be anywhere, but, howcome this does not work most of the time? Because we are locked into the current environment and when we are convinced that it is cold and our feelings are stimulated including our eyes and nose, we tend to impress ourselves that it is the environment that really controls us.

Turn it around and begin to move focus to your own self as it is our reasoning mind that determines what goes on in our body.

The environment in the warm instead of the cold is the preferred for people who have been taught to hate the cold weather, though it is the perception of it that needs to be regulated into that it is good no matter what.

I share the experience myself as I always have had a certain hate for the cold weather, I then came across a daily online program that helped me in fixing the idea that the cold weather is bad.

It turned the whole thing into good things.


I have come over few kinds of sugars and it sort of started with some herbal insights. What I have learned and repeated for myself is the three sugars that are located in my favorite fruit, banana, the fructose, glucose and sucrose. I have yet to learn the full knowledge and the biochemical structure of the three sugars, but it gradually improves as I want them in my memory, and I bet there are more and other sugars on the market, etc. stevia and few others which I will remember at one point. There are few explanations and other products linked to these few sugars as I can touch on and go deeper in.

As I have been studied myself into is the three sugars in the banana, is the starch when it is green and growing, then the banana is not yet edible, and very difficult to peel, and the reason why it is that is because, the skin is the protection of the juicy meat inside. I hope you understand that otherwise you may have to place a comment for me to answer. The purpose of sugar and that especially glucose is the place in our deoxyribo nucleic acid is divided in two, and both of the chains of deoxyribo nucleic acid, has sugar as a main part for formation.

My question is for you, and state of knowledge, wouldn’t you agree that by studying sugars in-depth that is has a certain meaning? And by that I mean today that we have all sorts of sugar-rich drinks, also called soft-drinks. How much sugar do you think we need? Because I have learned so far and by being a healthcoach, that individually we need not the same amount of sugars as another person, we need more or less.

The cause of cancers

This will shock many, also it will surprise many, likewise it will put many in denial and react, nonetheless it is a truth yet to be told via mainstreams, the cause of cancers are really a result of being too dirty inside or being too acidic, I am referring to our PH value-scale as I can relate to it and at the same time explain what exactly is going on. In these days where many soda’s, sweeteners, soft drinks, water with taste even, they are loaded with sugar etc. and that sugar causes the body to go down in the more acidic area, which means we are unaware that our body will dehydrate more and when we go below PH 7, we are opening up for diseases, and cancers are one of them I really don’t like. The truth is to begin with we are almost delivered automatic to the doctor’s office, and being fed medication also known as symptom-treatment.

In a radiostream with a person I know, I listened very carefully to the latest one or to be speaking in present tense, she was talking about our body in the acidic environment, and why she did that was because she has chosen to be vegan and not only vegetarian. She explains as one of her points of view that when the body enters acidic mode from all that we are consuming, then to compensate for the very acidic environment, because our body strives to alkaline PH level, then organs will steal, calcium and phosphate from the bones, and when I heard that, before she moved on, I began to think of all the people I bump into every day that have a bended back, or are tired, maybe they are irritated because of too high acidic levels.

My awareness-question for you would be; would you change your intake if you were aware of what things could do and they would do and if there were a solution to any illness out there automatic produced by? And would you skip or totally remove energy drinks as they contains sugars? Would you skip meat as the animal-protein creates acid in the small intestine whereas vegetable-protein doesn’t?

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