When are people ready

“We always come to that point – https://tinyurl.com/pc5mowe – where we had enough of it”.

I have to sort of come clean with I have knowledge of our body, and see it as art or as a complete society of small houses, yes very, very small houses. Why I see it as small houses or it was actually taught to me to see all of our cells as small houses, is because in every cell there is DNA etc., and various proteins or they are produced via amino acids – I know our cells produce the needed protein, but also sometimes have to get the essential amino acids, and now I am already speaking to deep.

Let me rephrase that. When knowledge is collected I get a better view of how we function and what we actually need to get our body working and moving.

So on Facebook as one billion people are using, some might have more than one profile, I then have few or many on my list, not friends as stated, but they are not ready for knowledge to get to them.

Why are people not ready for the knowledge? That I am very puzzled about, because many people should possess the curious gene or some thirst for questioning about the info that comes their way, yet still I ask myself, why don’t people set up the wonderful searches for information and begin to become inductive, which by the way means; before entering our current belief system, we stop information and ask, is this good or bad, or what can I use it for? Does this information serve me?

The final chapter to add to it, then people are ready when they have had enough of something, then they are ready to make a new step or quantum leap – I have the book “You Squared”, which is about discovering our inner limits, decrease the worries we have between our ears or in our mind. When we have come to that point where we believe we have become immune to more information from one source, then we desire that new step, and that makes us ready.

But many people are not even aware of that.

The deoxyribo nucleic acid

The things I know of the DNA is the most basic in biochemistry, the thing I have had explained from a biochemist, is that the sugar called ribo is attached via phosphor in chain, the actual one side chain is like this: ribo – phosphor – ribo – phosphor. What is then tied together in one and second chain is the amino acids as Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine and Thymine. Now one of the amino acids can bond with two amino acids, but one of those can only bond with one, I haven’t figured out why so I guess it’s a sort of chemistry advanced thing. The last thing about basic DNA is what bonds one and one amino acid is water, PH value 7 or neutral.

I have been very much into our DNA as I love structures in the very small or detailed path of scale, though I am very interested I have not yet got to paint the whole picture of the full purpose and why etc. DNA strings forms to genes as our genetic code, and right there, my brain stops for a while, and that is because I haven’t put myself enough into what is what. I guess the purpose of our Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid is to carry generations of knowledge passed through generations, I could say that I can see my Dad in me and my Mom in me, and I am talking about the expressions.

So the way I actually desired to get a talk going is to ask you as reader, how much have you heard of the Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid? If you have once or twice been told about genes and DNA, then what is your point of view? If you had the knowledge of these small databases as DNA is, what would it benefit you longterm?

Water has more value than you know

The easy theory about water or speaking of water the chemistry way, hydrogen is then the number one molecule on our planet, and I don’t mean to speak as if I am some sort of God, but I do know, we can’t go a day without drinking the substance. Our cells are primarily built of water and the cell-membrane is part water as it is built of oil and thousands of holes is they are called a port to the inside cell. I have been following few people and as few as possible to not make myself confused, so to speak, but because to get few angles on why water is the way it is.

Talking about water the chemical way then it is hydrogen, and no I have no idea right now why it is called that, but I am going to find out soon, one thing could be that, the gen in the word refers to our genes or bonds of genes as I know our DNA is bonded by hydrogen. Then I rise above the DNA level and look at genes as several strings of DNA is genes. That is where I believe hydrogen is the basic molecule in our periodic system.

To my knowledge then I am very insightful of having other people’s view, position and opinion on how they see water, therefore I want to read your view on what you mean of value on water. Do you think we have forgotten the blue gold? How often do you drink water? Did you know you can test your hydrogen-level in your body within few seconds? Did you know that water is a sort of frequency we can play it? And I mean in more than one way, like putting a speaker in front of a glass and reprogram the water, you can do that to your body even, I have tried yes.

“Water is the blue gold than runs in circles, and it is our DNA”.

Cells and their mind

I have both on YouTube and by reading books, the curiosity of how cells functions and what is required to make them work. I am still in the study of the cells and their environment that is because for me to get better at explaining what goes on, and give people an understanding of what goes on. I know that cells are big tiny microscopic bodies that works the same way our body works, I should mention I have learned that from Cell-biologist Bruce Lipton. He has a tremendous history of cells and their function. When I started to read his book I got carried away so I got some basic knowledge for further understanding.

When speaking of the mind and compare it to cells, I then think of if as a cell really has a mind because, a cell is constantly in motion otherwise we couldn’t be awake, the thing is that we are built of trillions of these cells and the have each their functions. Now I don’t know about specific cells, etc. the liver or small intestines how they actually work, but I know in overall perspective that they work like us, they have senses and ports like intake and garbage-disposal so to speak.

The mind of the cell or the inner physical world of it, I have somewhat in my memory. I have few videos on YouTube that I have watched repeatedly on occasion, it just interests me how they function and I sometimes see them as small humans with needs, that is also what I explain to the ones who are ready to go deeper than the normal person. In some cases I see it as necessary to have the knowledge to make people understand they need nutrition and not chemicals etc. pills for headache to kill it, and instead they would need the right nutrients and some rest to kill it off.

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