Absorption through digestion

Some biscuits I know the name of are called digestive, now these as I recall was the ones that made me think a bit more about words so to speak. I do often ask why a certain product is named a specific one that could be a carrot or digestive to mention the most obvious right now. Carrot comes from Carotene, also the Vitamin A, well that is my closets conviction, and digestive comes from our own digestive system where we put in our food for digestion and absorption. Then we have all sorts of foods, and to mention banana, that has something to do with our nervous system.

Then my curiosity for specifically our intestines is because I agreed to work in the healthcare business and that seem quite natural to me as I desire to help, and practice the responsibility for carrying others health with me. The way our intestines work is like an entrance for nutrition, and to also mention a disposal tract, our small intestines work on absorption of minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats and perhaps other stuff, herbs etc. The small intestines are divided into three parts, which gives access to our bloodstream, our large intestines also have that, though the difference is, the large intestines is to me more regarded as disposal, and the small three ones is regarded as the absorption part.

To make a little debate about especially our systems in the body I want to direct the attention to the intestines part, that is if you have any questions about them, then I might be able to answer. And the next thing as I have mentioned, I want to read in the comments, do you see the intestines the same way as I do? Do you see them any other way? How important do you believe they are? And if yours were out of function, what do you think would happen?

The liftoff trinity 3 experience

“Every system needs updates and upgrades, new systems will rise and others will go obsolete”.

Coming out of my sleep or mental journey as a status of why I chose to sit here has ended with a question, the liftoff is coming closer, so I begin to elevate my anxiety for how it might turn out.Ibecome a bit stressed. The mind takes a wander again as I am not used to this, but so are many others around me, they also are not used to this. This is an encore event. The experience of launching a rocket like this is phenomenal as I haven’t told anyone what or who is in there to be sent out.

It could be me, as I will take a quick tour in the cockpit, having this instant communication and await for green light to liftoff. The experience from inside the cockpit is kind a claustrophobia, not because I have that but I would imagine sitting in there and it is like a one shot you have, only one opportunity. Everything should be and are in order, the vision is to enter our vacuum of space, with a lot of goals onwards it. You know it can be sensed if you have that strong imagination, it becomes very easy to create pictures out of nothing and see them from various angles, that is how it is done my way, your way will be shown.

Taking the mind back to the communication between the control-center and our rocket for launch, then it takes a bit of an imaginary experience to convert images to the feelings but I know it is possible.The way I do it is to explain myself as many details as possible, so it becomes more real, and then just keep repeating the image so it becomes attached, that is a little secret to make things real from imagination. My question is then if we can place such a story in our memory, then how many stories can we store?

Cells and their mind

I have both on YouTube and by reading books, the curiosity of how cells functions and what is required to make them work. I am still in the study of the cells and their environment that is because for me to get better at explaining what goes on, and give people an understanding of what goes on. I know that cells are big tiny microscopic bodies that works the same way our body works, I should mention I have learned that from Cell-biologist Bruce Lipton. He has a tremendous history of cells and their function. When I started to read his book I got carried away so I got some basic knowledge for further understanding.

When speaking of the mind and compare it to cells, I then think of if as a cell really has a mind because, a cell is constantly in motion otherwise we couldn’t be awake, the thing is that we are built of trillions of these cells and the have each their functions. Now I don’t know about specific cells, etc. the liver or small intestines how they actually work, but I know in overall perspective that they work like us, they have senses and ports like intake and garbage-disposal so to speak.

The mind of the cell or the inner physical world of it, I have somewhat in my memory. I have few videos on YouTube that I have watched repeatedly on occasion, it just interests me how they function and I sometimes see them as small humans with needs, that is also what I explain to the ones who are ready to go deeper than the normal person. In some cases I see it as necessary to have the knowledge to make people understand they need nutrition and not chemicals etc. pills for headache to kill it, and instead they would need the right nutrients and some rest to kill it off.

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